Friday, November 25, 2011

Awesome Disneyland Vacation

So, this was our last big family fling before Tom leaves in December.  We went to Disneyland for four days, and spent three full days in Disneyland and California Adventure.  We had a blast, but got totally worn out!  The last time we were in Disneyland, David was too small to go on a lot of the rides.  This made me feel bad that we had deprived him of going to Disneyland for so long!  We had so much fun, though and it made us all want to go again, soon!  Favorite rides were definitely California Screamin' and Tower of Terror.  California Screamin' kept breaking down and so it was difficult to get on, but well worth it!  We had to go on all of the little kids rides in Fantasy Land for Emilee and the lines were as bad as the grown up rides!  I loved Indiana Jones and we made it on that a couple of times.  Disneyland was crazy, insane crowded, but we had beautiful weather.  Pirates was closed for updates, which deeply disappointed all of us, but that's the price you pay for going in the off-season.  We stayed in a nice Marriott Suites that had two double beds in a bedroom and a sofa bed in a living area.  Before we got there, everyone fought over who would have to sleep on the sofa bed.  But, after the first night of Dave snoring, everyone fought over the sofa bed! 

These kinds of trips create the most amazing and long lasting memories!  I really wish we had more time (and money) to do a lot more of them.  We have been blessed as a family to have had the means to do these trips almost every year and they have been worth every cent!  The fun times and family closeness they have created will be cherished for a lifetime.  I can't wait unitl Tom gets home so we can do some more family trips (of course, by then, David may be off on a mission.... ). 

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