Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week Eight - Let Loose On the Streets of Sao Paulo!

I am getting nervous that Tom is going to be leaving the safety of the MTC and heading out to the real world.  I kind of had a tough week, really missing him a lot, but at the same time, we are excited for him to move on to some new adventures. 

Bom Dia Familia e Amigos!

      This past week went up and down a lot. We got a new instructor because our afternoon one, Irmão Maurício, left for a vacation. Trying to teach the new one was really frustrating, because she acts as an athiest when we teach her and we are just kind of clueless as to how to approach the lessons... Anyways, yesterday was our first day of proselyting and it went okay.  My companion gave out one Book of Mormon but we didn´t have any luck after that. Within 5 minutes of walking out the MTC my companion talked to a kid, probably about 18 or 19 years old, and asked him if he wanted the Book of Mormon and would read it. He accepted but there were a lot of moments of awkward silence because my companion couldn´t think of what to say. But at least we got him to accept the Book of Mormon. The next guy he tried talking to was standing next to his car and instantly said he had to go to work. And the last guy, my companion asked how he was. He said he was okay but it was very hot out and he was sweating pretty bad. My companion couldn´t think of anything to say so I tried talking to him and he had a lot to say... and I didn´t understand any of it. I could only understand him because of the hand motions he made while talking... The language is going to be the biggest stumbling block for the longest time and I´m not really looking forward to it. Anyways, I asked him if he talked to the missionaries before and if he had a book of mormon, he said yes then said he had to go, end of story. We go proselyting on monday again but we get to go down town, and I heard its a lot easier because more people are willing to listen and will accept a Book of Mormon, while outside the MTC, people have been asked to read one every week since the MTC was built.

     The district had a pretty cool experience on Friday night. Our instructor was unable to teach us that night so we were just told to study "the role of the holy ghost in conversion" and share what we learned with eachother and we also all shared personal experiences, and it was a very cool and spiritual experience. I told them how I was struggling after the second week and did not feel qualified to be teaching people, and my confidence was really low, but I prayed about it and within the week I received letters from you guys and from G&G Williams, and they all had some very encouraging things written in them and made me feel about 100 times better... So muito muito obrigado for the letters!

     I had a cinnamon roll today from Mr. Cheyney´s and some french fries last week from some other place, and they were sooo good....yeah. Anyways, I´m kinda glad to be leaving the MTC now. São Paulo was cool and all but its not my kind of city. I just kinda feel bad for the missionaries who spend 10 weeks in the MTC and then take a 20 minute bus ride to serve in São Paulo south. I´m sure they don´t mind but I´m glad I am going somewhere else.

 I´m glad you had the missionaries over! Invite them again soon so they can share more messages with you!  I´m sorry to hear about basketball David, but it sounds like you can still play baseball, sort of, and I hope it doesn´t become a big problem for you! Good luck on the baseball team this season! EM! You should go hunting on the runways again! that sounds like fun! but next time use the shot gun and shoot at the ground or something, if nothing else. :)
 I would talk more about the elders in my district but I am really low on time, so if I get a chance next week, hopefully I won´t have much of a time limit, and I will talk about them, because they are all really good friends and I feel like I already knew all of them when I first met them, or they remind me of someone I know.
I am eating some beans. I put a little on the rice almost everytime, as long as I am feeling up to it. I don´t like it much but as long as I have a lot of rice and a little bit of beans, I can manage.
I am not sure if I can have an I-pod in the field. Maybe my mission president will allow it but I will have to find out later.
In the mornings we study for about 2 and a half ours, then we have gym and after that we use the computers to practice portuguese, but I just watch mormon messages or the "I´m a mormon" videos.
6 missionaries in my district going to Belém with me. Not sure about the other district I arrived to the MTC with though.
I am not sure about how much my bag weighs right now... I am going to have to pack a lot of stuff in the shoulder bag I have. I am hoping I will be under though... hoping.. Anyways, I was going to ask if you could update me a little bit on the news, maybe some national and international stuff. I heard Kim Jong il or whatever his name is died... I also heard Romney is in the lead for the presidential race. And I heard what happened about the Susan Powell story which is very sad. Hopefully if you share some news it will be better.
                      I think the scripture I will choose that Gary Hatch can use on the plaque or whatever is Alma 29:9... I think thats the one. I read it a couple of days ago and really liked it so I will use that one. Anyways I need to go now, but I feel like there  is something else I need to say... I will try to remember it next time. I will talk to you all again when I am in the field!!!! OOOOH that is exciting! :) Tchau everybody, I love you and miss you and can´t wait to email home again.
                                                    Love Elder Williams

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