Sunday, May 13, 2012

Last Dance - Spring Fling 2012

Bria and David headed to the dance.

Bria and David.

David and friends.
     The last dance of David's high school years has come and gone.  He was asked to Spring Fling by Bria Hobbs.  Two girls surprised David Saturday morning by sneaking into his room at 6:00am and blindfolding him.  They had him put on a robe and then they took him to someone's house for breakfast.  Then, they went for a hike up to Doughnut Falls.  After that, they went to CPK for dinner, the dance and then swimming at a friend's house.  What a day!  When I asked him if it was a long day, he said yes, a long day WITHOUT a nap!  

   David has been lucky to have so much fun over the past three years.  He has gone to pretty much all of the dances, football games, basketball games and any other activities the school was having.  We always told our kids that if you want to have good high school memories, you have to participate in the fun stuff!  He is lucky to have so many wonderful friends to do these things with.  I think he can pretty much look back on these last three years and not have any regrets!

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