Monday, December 9, 2013

Week Thirty - The Zoo and An Ice Storm All In One Week!

Thanksgiving dinner with the Rodriguez family!

A sprinkle of Christmas....hehehehe!

David at the Dallas Zoo!

Lion at the zoo...

Lion goes nuts over a dog at the zoo.

Lion staring down the cheetah....

And the cheetah staring down the lion!


David and friend!

The real giants of the Savanna!

David and the crew at the Dallas Zoo!

David getting a free shoe shine in the Underground in downtown Dallas by an ex Globe Trotter!
Well, I am happy to hear that y'all had a fun trip and returned home safely.  I'd imagine it will take Tom some time to get back in to the swing of things.  I just wish I could see him in this wonderful stage of life! 
   I didn't have a very good week.  It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good.  On Monday it was hot, and after emailing we went to the zoo with some other missionaries.  The zoo is practically empty on a Monday afternoon, and lots of the animals were just sleeping.  It was fun though! 
   The rest of the week was bitter bitter cold.  Friday the snow/ice storm came.  There is less than an inch of the snow on the ground, and it hasn't melted yet.  Cars turned into ice cubes.  I think humid Texas cold is worse than dry Utah cold.  And we are supposed to have another week of it!  I'm greatly looking forward to it.  Friday, Saturday, and the majority of Sunday, they asked us to stay off the roads and inside.  So it was a long and boring weekend. 
   Sunday we were asked to teach the Spanish Sunday school lesson.  There were only 5 people in the class, and we didn't even have to teach anything because they all like to talk so much.  Fine with me! 
   Tuesday we helped Jess with some service.  Right before Christmas he delivers clothes and foods to multiple VA hospitals, so we help him get ready for that sometimes.  This morning he picked us up at 5, took us to Gold's Gym, got us a free week pass, and taught us how to work out.  Ohhh how I've missed the gym!  But now I'm about to fall asleep here at this computer.  He wants to have us over Christmas day for dinner.  He just keeps giving!  He travels to Utah often for business.  I'm thinking about telling him he should go to dinner with my parents one time if he can.  Let me know what you think about that haha!
   So transfer calls were Saturday night, and we received nada.  Elder Haskell and I are going for round two.  Elder Munday and Elder Maloney are sticking around as well.  I was really hoping for a new area.  We don't have a lot going for us right now, and a car area would have been nice for these winter months.  But oh well.  I guess you could say biking around all day in 30 degree weather builds character?  Or at least we hope so!  I will survive.  Especially with Elder Haskell!
   A testimony building experience from the week:  Elder Haskell and I were knocking one night, and at one door a teenaged kid answered the door.  His name was Rudy.  He was a sad, punk looking kid, wife beater and gauges in his ears.  We thought there would be no way he would accept to hear our message, but he surprisingly let us in!  So we tried to get to know him a little bit, but he was quiet and we couldn't get much out of him.  We started teaching him the Restoration, but because he was so quiet, I was asking more questions than normal to try to get him to open up.  In doing so, we found out that his mother had just barely past away in October, and he broke down crying.  We were then able to tell him where his mother is, and hopefully bring some comfort to his soul.  We got his phone number and a return appointment.   Now he is never home and we can't get a hold of him on the phone, and we may never even see him again.  This is the Lord's work and he is putting people in our path and us in other people's paths that need us.  People still have their agency, and many people will even feel the Spirit telling them that our message is true, and they will still turn it down.  Too many people just don't care.  Too many people are okay with being miserable.  But the Lord is giving people chances.       

-the pen and pencil you gave me is dark, either black or dark dark gray.
-the gloves I have are okay.  It's strange because mine and Haskell's gloves are different, and when I tell him my hands are still cold, his are toasty warm!  So we thought his gloves were just better than mine, so we switched.  And my hands were still cold, and his were still toasty warm!  So it's not the gloves.  Maybe I just don't know how to use gloves?  But they are good enough.  They protect from the wind just fine. 
-no letters or packages this week that I can remember.

   Sorry, somewhat of a boring week this week.  Next time I will have some miracles to share with y'all!  Thanks for the quote!  Love y'all and miss y'all!  May God bless you all in your weekly journey!   
Elder Williams

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