Sunday, August 24, 2014

Week Sixty Five - Headed to Garland and District Leader!

Tatiana's baptism!

The Holms, best cooks in McKinney!

Elder Packham, David and the Arreola family!

David and his best buddy, Raul!

Bugs in Princeton!

The gang!

David and Brother Cragg Rogers!

Hello Family and Friends;
   Another good and busy and exhausting week we had here in McKinney.  For the last five weeks we have been teaching around 30 lessons a week, which is something I could really get used to.  We had another good turn out at the soccer night, and I got to play this week!  All three of us elders are pretty bad at soccer, but we make the Hispanics laugh with our failed attempts to have fancy footwork, so all is well!  We taught Jason and Wendy twice this week and it went well.  They are reading the Book of Mormon!  Jason has no faith and is unsure if God even exists,  but he has a sincere desire to know and find faith, which is enough to get him going!  They flaked on church yesterday due to a power outage from a big thunder storm, but they are very respectful and communicate well through text messaging, which is nice.  They were not happy when they found out that I am leaving, and they might be moving to Frisco, but I have a good feeling about them.

   Tatiana got baptized on Saturday!  Tatiana is the lady I told you about that we were teaching for a while, she always did her homework, she understood everything, and she was just awesome!  Then she moved to Tijuana, Mexico.  She has been ready to be baptized for a while now, but I am quite sure she is in love with me and wanted to wait until next May so that I could baptize her... Yikes!  It is a long story, but I finally convinced her that it was best not to wait and to just get baptized already!  She is super involved with the Church now and I can sense a genuine conversion.  I am super happy for her!   

   Well my time in McKinney has come to an end after seven long yet short months.  We got some big news on Saturday night and lots is changing.  I'm headed to Garland to serve in a Spanish branch, basically Elder Packham's last area.  I don't know who my companion is yet, because I am going to be training a brand spankin' new missionary fresh off the plane!  So that will be interesting; neither one of us will know the area and we will probably be chickens on bikes with our heads cut off for a few weeks, but I am up for the challenge.  I'm also the district leader there; just moving up in the world one rung at a time!   I haven't slept too well for the last two nights since receiving the call, just because there is lots to think about and prepare for; but I wanted change, I wanted things to get spiced up, and here I have it!  I am excited for the upcoming adventure and new people, new experiences, and new opportunities.    As for McKinney, they are redividing the area again.  Elder Patton is headed to west McKinney and training as well, and Elder Packham is staying on the east side and getting Elder Nish for his companion.  Elder Nish was in the MTC with me and he is a real goofball.  They should get along well together. 

-a package filled with love would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for the pictures!  It is so nice to see some familiar faces!  That picture of Tom threw me for a loop and I was quite confused for a split second.  My first thought was that it was an old random picture of Tom and Broc that I had never seen before!  But his trip sounds like the neatest thing ever!  Tell him I am proud of him, will ya?  Cousin Drew looks like he got himself a righteous daughter of God, congrats and well done!  I got an email from Chloe about a month ago.  I can't believe they are done already!  Life is crazy.

Much love I send to all! 

Elder Williams

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