Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week Ninety Two - More District Building and Being Sick Is NO Fun!

Lakewood friends!

Lakewood friends!

District building exchange, with Elders Cottle and Boren!

Ice day!


Things have been pretty crazy here this past week.  I wasn't able to email yesterday because all of Dallas was frozen over!  So we were on lockdown for the day. I don't have much time to write today, but I have tons to tell y'all!  So I will do my best.
Monday after emailing and playing some sports, we did a big complicated exchange that involved just about every elder in the zone!  Elder Stewart drove to Lakewood Monday night for another District Building activity, where I spent the night in my old apartment with Elders Boren and Cottle and Manning, and Elder Stewart went with the Lakewood English elders.  The next day I was with Elder Cottle working in Lakewood, and I got to some old familiar faces, including a recent convert that Elder Crockett and I found forever ago!  Him and his mom were super excited to see me, and it was really nice to see that he is still active.  The ward is taking really good care of him!  Were also had a little FHE with one of the ward families and some recent converts, where I learned a super fun game called "PatoPato".  We will have to play it when I get home! The next morning we were supposed to have a district meeting at 10:00 to wrap up the activity, but Elder Adams' van at a neighboring apartment got towed!  So we had to postpone things to help him pick up the van, but luckily the keeper at the tow lot had Mormon connections, and he gave us the van for only $10.00!  I know the Lord looks out for His missionaries!  So district building was another success; very exhausting, but lots of fun and well worth it!
Thursday, Elder Denos and I went to Applebee's for lunch, because we have at least $100 in Applebee's gift cards, and I kind fellow from Utah bought our meal.  I think the majority of times that somebody has payed or offer to pay for my meal, it's when it's already payed for!   
Friday we had to do another exchange, and Elder Hutchings came with me for the day.  He is actually from St. George, Utah and was companions with Elder Alkonis in the MTC.  He wasn't feeling well, and I'm pretty sure he is the one who got me sick.  I sometimes feel a little bad for Elder Denos for sending him on so many exchanges.  Another elder made a joke that Elder Denos is like the troublesome child that nobody loves and gets passed around from aunt to uncle to grandparent.  Not true, but kinda funny!  Exchanges are good though, and he should be learning a lot by working with so many different elders!
Saturday was a day to remember.  I woke up not feeling well, thinking it was just something I ate the night before. Randy, a youth member that is waiting to leave on a mission that I had never met before, was supposed to be coming over at 8:30 to spend the morning and afternoon with us.  Long story short, I had the flu and it was a terrible missionary experience for Randy.  But he was understanding, and hopefully he will be able to join us again this weekend.  The good thing is that the next day I felt all better!   
Yesterday, like I said, was an ice day.  It was literally raining ice!  And we weren't allowed to drive or bike.  In the morning we were kept very busy with the "Ice Day TDM Olympics", which was a missionwide challenge between zones where we competed in a series of consecutive hour long events, like highest average number of exercise minutes in an hour, or most pages read out of the Book of Mormon in an hour, and fun stuff like that.  The Dallas East zone did not win, unfortunately, but we did all we could, and it was a fun and productive way to spend our morning.  We then got talked into walking to Chili's to meet up with some missionaries that couldn't stand being in the apartment for so long.  I felt like I was a pioneer trekking across the frozen plains!  It wasn't worth it.  
Today it is still cold and there is quite a bit of ice, but the roads are mostly cleared up and we have permission to drive and bike.  Yesterday we were supposed to have a conference with a member of the Quorum of the 70, Elder Bradley Foster, but the weather did not allow him to travel, so hopefully he will be able to make it out here soon!
-yes, I got the family tree. Thanks!
-what I have now will be enough for what we are trying to do.  Thanks!
-Elder Denos seems to be doing well!
-the elders brought a couple mattresses, and all apartments have couches too. 
Thanks for the pic!  I love to see familiar faces!  I want more pictures!  I'm super happy for Stevie!  She is super funny and an amazing person!  I'm happy to hear that all is well back home, and I pray that it stays that way!  Have the best week of your life and know that I love you all!  

Elder Williams 

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