Monday, March 12, 2012

Week Thirteen - One Month in the Field!

Happy to hear that my son sounds happy!  He's eating bananas and pears, but no strawberries, oh well.  This e-mail came to me today, so he is getting the hang of the timed e-mail system.  I hope every week things get a little easier for him and seem a little more "normal".  Love these e-mails!

Bom Dia Everybody!
       I hope everyone had a good week! Mine was pretty good. But to start, I do not like THESE COMPUTERS! GAH! so annoying. I had 10 seconds left to send the e-mail home last week but could not find the stinkin send button. The screen was too small and had about a dozen scroll bars. The one I am using now is better. It is bigger and the send button is within view right now, so I don´t have to try and find it when I only have 10 seconds left, again. If you don´t receive an e-mail by about 2 o´clock, check my e-mail account. So yeah this past week was pretty good. We made a companionship exchange for a couple days with some other more experienced elders. I went with Elder Nunes, who has a year and four months in the field, and stayed at his place with him, Elder Shaw, and his companion. Man, their place is small. Makes me happier for what I have now, but I sure do miss the luxuries of home and the slaves that parents have to be sometimes :) hehehe. But yeah, Elder Santos went with my companion to try and help out in our area since we are not having a whole lot of luck. Elder Santos finishes his mission this month. That must be exciting! Its difficult not to think of the end of the mission, even though mine has only just begun. Anyways, Elder Nunes is really cool. He listens to a lot of the same music that I do and he´s fun to talk with. And you can tell Elder Shaw is really happy to be here, serving a mission.
     Not much else happened this past week. We do have some investigators progressing a little. One of them agreed to be baptized, but we need to teach her a bit more and she needs to go to church at least once I think. We were going to take her yesterday, but... we didn´t exactly forget to get her and go to church with her, but to put it simply... we forgot. :( Another investigator agreed to be baptized when she feels she has received an answer to her prayer, that the church is true and Joseph Smith is a prophet, so hopefully she receives one. And there is one family that my companion, Elder Reis has been working with for like the past 3 months that haven´t been making much progress, but 2 people in the family feel that they might have finally received an answer, so I´m really hoping they act on that and choose to be baptized. So yeah, that's our progress on getting people into the church.
     So yeah, things are good here, muito legão. I think its a good idea that you send me another card for the camera and I will send you the one I am using now home. I´m going to try to write letters home, but they will probably be sent one at a time because we can only write letters on p-day and I will send the card home with one of the letters. By the way, thank you to those that sent me letters. I think they were all a little behind but I received a letter from the Nielsons, Sister Peterson, G&G Williams and a package from G&G Pratt through Mr. Cheyneys. So thank you very much. I really appreciate it and am glad to hear things are going good at home. And thanks for all the words of encouragement in the letters and e-mails. They help a lot.
      I am glad to hear that dad wasn´t sick for long and he is good now. Toby! look here Toby! Do something funny!... read that to him will ya? I´m also glad to hear that churchball went okay this season. Ma! Church ball will return so fast ya won´t believe it. And I will only miss one more season of church ball so don´tchya worry about it!
Question Answering Time!
1) no, I have not received the package with vitamins and a towel. Hopefully it gets here soon and there will be some good snacks in it :)
2) I can get fruit. Lots of fruit vendors in Belém. There bananas are so delicious and sweet! Yum, Yum, muito bom! (very good). I had a pear for the first time since Rosie baby-sat me. It was okay but not as good as I remember. Theres also a lot of fruit here that I can never remember the name of. But one good one is called cupuaçu or something like that (the c with the squigly below makes and s sound and all the u´s make the hard u sound... thought I would share that with you). But I have not seen strawberries. I don´t think they have them here. Darn!
3) P-day, P-day, P-day, what do I do on P-day? Last week we played uno! My roommates thought that the only color I knew how to say in Portuguese was red (vermelho) because when you can choose which color you want to play, I would only choose red, but that was because almost all of my cards were red. But I proved them wrong, mwahaha... Azul, Verde, e Amarelho (blue, green, and yellow). Colors in portuguese, BAM! I usually just sleep, sometimes I draw cartoons, but I might start trying to study a bit more... because... I need to study.
4) We can only wear missionary attire outside the house, unless we have a service project, so don´t worry about sending any clothes.
5) The tie in the picture of me in front of the temple, I got for Christmas. The peeps at the MTC gave ties to all the elders. Its a pretty nice tie, wearing it right now. I also bought 2 ties while at the MTC. A green one and an orange one. Pretty good lookin ties, I say, I say, pretty good lookin ties...
         I´m glad to hear you are proud of the fact that I cook a little now... I made some chicken nuggets too, but my list of things I cooked is no where near as grand as the list of food I have eaten. I will send a list home when I write letters to ya´s. But don´t worry about sending more foods and stuffs. If I need something I will ask for it but I am good for now, thank you very much. For my birthday... hrmmmm what do I want for my birthday.... Eu não sei ( I don´t know, Eu is pronounced like the letters A and U put together, não is like now, and sei is like say). Maybe just hugs and kisses and loves through the mail.... and some candy.... and a tie. Anyways, I have 6 minutes left, I will end a little early so I know you receive this e-mail. I love and miss you all and am praying for ya´s! Have a good week and I will talk to you again next week!
Month 1, in the field, over (almost). Success! Over and out!
        Love, Elder Williams.

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