Monday, March 26, 2012

Week Fifteen - Like the Indiana Jones Ride!

In my e-mail to Tom this past week, I had told him about a couple of missionary mom e-mails I had read about extreme concerns with dehydration and not drinking enough water.  So, I used a lot of my e-mail to tell him he needed to be sure to drink tons of water!  Of course he didn't tell me if he was or not, but did tell me what they use to get drinking water.  Sounds like he is still doing well, but I think I'll tell him to stay off the buses and out of the taxi's, if he can!

Bom Dia! I hope you all had a good week. This week was okay. Still lots of walking, but everything is good here. Not a lot happened this week and the computer is really bugging me today... Its laggy, I can´t get pictures, and the screen is too small, again, and somehow my companion always gets a computer without any problems.. frustrating. I will try to go to a different place to e-mail next week. Anyways, the first transfers are tomorrow. I´m not being transferred and neither is my companion, but one elder in our house is being replaced, and I think the other elder staying is not too happy about who his new companion is for some reason. Hopefully things work out. We haven´t made a lot of progress with our investigators. One of them is having problems... She cries, a lot. My companion was speaking with her on the phone last night and he asked me to read a scripture to her... and she was crying the whole time... I don´t even know what her problem is... ugh I don´t even know... I don't... even... know... Anyways, she already committed to baptism, hopefully she will keep the commitment. Not much else to say so I will talk about the driving. 
Taking a bus or a van anywhere is crazy. I took a taxi a few times too, and they are also crazy. The taxi driver would try to make a third lane on a one way, 2 lane street, and fit between 2 other cars, and he does this going like 50 miles an hour! The vans are basically taxis but they fit about 7 or 8 people sitting down, and 15 standing up (jk only 14) and there's about a 100 of them all taking the exact same route racing for people to pick up. They go about 50 miles an hour too, around the neighborhood, constantly passing each other. It is basically like the part on the Indiana Jones ride in Disney land when you think you are about to run into another car, but you turn out of the way at the last moment, except a lot faster, or the part when you think the boulder is going to smush you but you drive under it. yeah the vans are exactly like that. And the buses will force their way into a lane, forcing the person next to it to move into a new lane, speed up, or slow down. There's one bend where about a dozen buses come around every minute, and every single one looks like it is going to role. LOOK OUT IS GONNA ROLL! i say but no one understands me because they don´t speak English... Anyways that's all I have to say about the week. 
I would respond more to the e-mail but this computer is not very good, so I will just answer your questions. 
1) yes, my cough is gone, i feel great, thanks for asking. I´m eating pretty good too. One investigator says I look bigger... I just hope its not fat... 
2) the mtc gave everyone a water bottle with a filter in it that lasts for like a year, with an extra filter so I don´t use the bottle I left home with. 
3) no water heaters here, at least in the house I am living in now, so yeah the showers are always cold, but tudo bem! 
4) we went to the police station while at the mtc, did something there that I don't remember, and did something else here in Belém that I don't remember either. something about ID and pictures... whatever. I do carry around some sort of id... that I am supposed to make copies of but have not done that yet... maybe today. 
5) warts are fine thanks! 
6) i have not received another package yet. But we only receive them from district leaders when the district meets on Tuesdays, so maybe tomorrow. 
7) I don´t know it, I will try to get it for next week, sorry. 
Okay, love you all and miss ya, hope you have a good week tchau! 

Love Elder Williams!

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