Thursday, April 5, 2012

Week Sixteen - First Baptism!

Hello Everyone! De novo! (Again!)

         I hope everyone had a good week without many problems. This week was pretty darn good, well the weekend was, but the rest of the week we walked a lot and taught a little. But we did have a baptism! We´ve been teaching Milene for about the past month, and she´s been having a hard time preparing for baptism and she had the fear that she doesn´t know anyone and eventually she would just stop going to church. She came to watch general conference, liked what she saw, but decided she wasn´t ready for baptism. So another missionary, Elder Gonçalvez, spoke with her, and he must´ve said something right because she decided to be baptized Saturday night. So she was baptized, Elder Reis, my companion, conferred the gift of the holy ghost to her, I participated, and she looked a lot happier at the end. She called my companion at the end of the night, thanking him and me for helping her, even though I pretty much did nothing, it was pretty much all Elder Reis and the spirit, but anyways, its a great feeling to know that I helped a little bit and she is happier. :) But now, we don´t really have investigators... or at least any that are progressing...
        But, tudo bem! Not a lot more happened this week... my mind is blank right now, so I will just respond to your e-mail. Oh! but first i will say that the computer is better, the screen is bigger, its not slow, but I can´t seem to get pictures yet :( sorry. You might just have to wait until I send the card home. Oh! and one more thing. Those buses are crazy. We got on one last night after conference, and there were no seats so I stood up holding on to the rail, and there were some moments I thought I was going to fall down and roll around, which reminds me of a funny story. In the MTC, an Elder told me of a new deacon who was passing the sacrament for the first time and he was coming down from the stand and tripped on the stairs. The water ( i think it was) fell into the lap of an old lady and he rolled underneath the bench... haha the thought of that cracks me up!... Embarrassing!
          Okay, thanks for the birthday package ma! I haven´t received it yet but I´m sure there is something good in there... like... candy? Anyways, anything is good. I´m a missionary, I don´t need much! Cool to hear that David A. is serving a mission. I´m sure he´ll baptize many with his fame alone... Health care doesn´t interest me but thanks for the update... i guess? *shrug* I know who Mit Romney is mom, I ain´t stupid! sheesh... haha anyways he´s kind of big news down here in Brazil. Some of the members here think that if he becomes president... the church is going to spread to all the world muito muito muito mais rapido ( a lot faster). We´ll just have to wait and see. The pictures of Toby are high-larry-us... Enjoy your stay in Anaheim and have fun. Just enjoy the games david and don´t worry if you don´t win or if you have a not so good game. Wow you´re almost done with High School! I hope your senior year was good.
      Question answering tiiiiiiiiiiime.
1) No package yet, maybe tomorrow, I hope. I´m sure it will get here soon.
2) I am tan. its not very noticeable until you see my arm from the elbow up. My companion says my hair hasn´t changed since I arrived... which is good because I´m afraid to get a hair cut.... :)
3)My eyes dont bother me. If it gets bad, the rules say I can wear sun glasses as long as i get the president to authorize it, so I´m sure if it does bother me he´ll allow it.
4) I have no clue about mothers day yet, just be patient its only a month away and it will come quick :) If we can Skype, I will let you know.
5)See that boat over there? I´m on that boat... and so is elder Shaw... so yeah we´re on the same boat with 3 Brazilian roommates. but it doesn´t bother me.
6) Yup, i sure did watch conference, i sure did, i did. It was pretty good. I had to watch it in Portuguese on Saturday, but it looked nice at home that day, Sunday looked kinda cold. But every time it would show the temple and the trees outside with leaves just barely starting to grow, it kinda makes me wish I was home, and I am going to miss the change in seasons. OH Well! get over it Elder Williams!
     Josh! that kid, so cool on his long board. Long boards would not be safe here. Or bikes... or walking... or driving... Anyways, I met a guy at general conference who said that he knows 8 languages and his lived in 122 different countries. Woah! wouldn't that be sweet to be able to tell people that. Okay I love you all and miss you and can´t wait to e-mail home again next week. Have a great week! Tchau!

               Love Elder Williams

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