Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week Nineteen - Maybe First Haircut...

Tom's view of Sao Paulo from his room at the MTC

Tom and the new MTC President and his wife.

Tom and Elder Pray at the MTC.

Tom and Elder Pray (and some unknown elder) at the MTC.
Holy Moly! I forgot to wish Dad a happy birthday last week. Sorry Dad, I hope you had a good birthday and enjoyed it, even though I wasn´t there...This past week was pretty good. My companion, Elder Reis, and I had a lot of laughs. Still no baptisms but things are slowly getting better. We should have one next week, and yesterday we had a meeting with the bishop and some other leaders of the ward, and they discussed how they could help us. So, things should get a lot better hear pretty soon. Unfortunately, my companion will most likely be transferred next week and I will stay here, so he won´t exactly get to see the "fruit" of his labors, as the scriptures say. My companion also said that he is not going to talk as much, trying to get me to talk more. He started this past week and there were a few awkward moments as I tried to think of stuff to say. We´re teaching one recent convert who has a hard time getting into reading and praying, and she also says she doesn´t like some of the members of the church... and that my companion is annoying. So I ask her "why do you not like anyone? You don´t like my companion, you don´t like so-and-so..." and she said "who  told you that?" Guess what I said in response... "I can hear I am not...(thought for a second)... blind..." Hah, ooohhh learning a language is difficult. Anyways, pretty good week.
              I´m sending more photos home. The first one is the view out the second room I stayed in, at the MTC. Big improvement, I say. The second is a picture with my second MTC president and his wife. He was cool. He made fireworks for a living, not the little stuff, but the kind of stuff Disney Land buys and what they use at concerts and special 4th of july events. He is my second MTC president, I have a picture of my first and I am not sure if I sent it home, so let me know if not. The next picture is of me and a cool guy, Elder Pray, and he is... wait... whats that... Gosh dangit darn sister missionary photo-bombing my picture! I think I have a better picture of me and Elder Pray. Um momento, por favor. Ahah! found it. That´s better... haha, okay, anyways, Elder Pray wasn´t in my district, he was in the other one that arrived at the same time, but he was super cool, super nice, always offered help, and he´s from Las Vegas... that must be difficult for a Mormon.
                 Okay! My response to your e-mail! Thanks for the support while I try new food. For the first time, yesterday, I was asked what I liked to eat, and I was too lazy to explain, so I just said anything... that might´ve been a mistake though. I hope I don´t regret that. Some of the music here is okay. They have a lot of Portuguese covers of English songs. But there's one type of music here that just annoys the crap out of me, and I think its the most popular. Theres no singing, its just a high pitched, annoying rhythm and every few seconds some annoying guy just yells something annoying. That ain´t music! Its just annoying!
             Mom! why´d you ruin the surprise of my birthday present?! My birthday will suck this year! thanks a lot, sheesh! (j/k) Anyways, I´m not sure if they watch sesame street down here. They do have a show with a bunch of puppets here, but they are just about the ugliest puppets I´ve ever seen. And they´ve also got a show called Chaves which is a pretty ugly show, too, if you ask me. Anyways, thanks for the sesame street stickers.
         Thanks for the pics of Toby! I like the first one a lot, it looks like he´s got a big head and a tiny body. And in the second one, it looks like he is contemplating something. Be careful around him, he may try to exact his revenge on you Em...
          But it sounds like this past week was a little sad. I hope this next week won´t be as bad. But good to hear about all the good stuff, and that the Jazz are probably going to the playoffs, even though they probably won´t get far. Its better than last year at least. And wow did this basketball season end fast, i´m still thinking of the last one. Hopefully the next one comes and goes fast.
1)Are you still with the same three missionaries in your apartment?  Have any of them gotten a transfer or do they know if they will get a transfer? When I first arrived, there was one other Norte Americano in the house, but he was transferred so right not there is just me and three Brasileiros.

2)Any packages this past week? (Sorry, but I always have to ask that!)

3)Did you find some better apples last week?

4)Are you getting used to all of the walking?  Are your shoes comfortable or do you get any blisters on your feet?
It is getting easier, but the sides of my big toes are swollen, next to the nail. The last day of the MTC, they warned us about ingrown toenails. I´ve been worried about that ever since... They should´ve just said nothing about it. Anyways I think I am okay.

5) I would love it if you could send us a more recent picture of you since you have been in Belem - I want to see how long your hair is and how tan you are!
I think you can wait... hardyharharhar...

6)What's keeping you from getting a haircut?  Doesn't your companion get his hair cut?  Are you worried about the language and being able to tell them what you want?
I will probably get one today. I know the word for trim, so I will probably just say that a couple times until they get it to where I want it...

Okay, that's it for today. I love you all and miss you, can´t wait to see whats up de novo (again). Have a good week.

                  Love, Elder Williams

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