Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Week Seventeen - Already Hoping for a Transfer....

Tom's Room in the Sao Paulo MTC
View into the courtyard at the MTC
Tom and the MTC President and his wife.
Gorgeous flower.
View of Sao Paulo from Tom's floor in the MTC.
         I hope everyone had a good week and is happy! This past week was okay. We walked a lot and we don´t have a whole lot of people to teach. There was an activity at the church on Friday which went better than I thought it would. I don´t have high hopes for these activities. We had 2 other ones in march and very few people showed up. But this last one was good. A lot more people came and we met some new people that are interested in the church. My companion and one other person spoke about something, I think about Easter and the resurrection of Christ, but I don’t know for sure because I don’t understand enough Portuguese yet, and after we had a game and some food. Yup, good stuff.
      My companion says that we might be speaking in sacrament meeting this month, but I´m really hoping not. The ward I visit is nice but sacrament meeting is always... a little irreverent. They have 3 fans on the ceiling blowing all the time because its so hot, and people just let there kids do what they want. There is one kid who is about 3 or 4 years old, and every Sunday after the sacrament he runs up to the podium and starts running around. Sometimes his older sister joins him, and the moment someone grabs him he instantly starts to cry, EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. And when he calms down, he runs back up. I´m kinda hoping for a transfer this next one coming up, which will be the first of May.
     Anyways, I figured out how to send photos again. I don´t remember which ones I already sent, except for the ones in front of the temple so I will just start over. I´m sending pictures of my room in the MTC, the view outside our first room, me with my first MTC president and his wife, and some flowers for Emmy, and a view out the hallway window of Sao Paulo. If they´re not good pictures, just delete them... the flowers I mean... or delete them all if you want, I don´t care much... hehe.
     Yesterday, we were talking to some of the members, and they were talking about my companion and I, how he eats fast and I eat reaaaaallly slooooow. Every time someone asks me what I like to eat, I always say chicken, and they kind made fun of me for that. They said when I return home and someone asks me how was the food, I will only be able to say "it was chicken". I am eating a little bit of everything, and I´ve tried to explain to some people that before I left for my mission, I ate very little and had a fear of trying new food, but they don´t understand :/ If they actually knew how I was before my mission... yeah. Everyone is shocked when I say I don´t like lasagna.... how do you spell it? eh I don´t care, i don´t like it much. I can eat it now, though. I should just tell people I like everything because if I say I don´t like something, they look at me weird and say I eat nothing, which is not true.... now... after being away from home for 4 months.
      Anyways, yeah, that was my week, what’s up with you? Oh, right, your e-mail. So I did receive the package that you sent to me while in the MTC, originally, and it took it long enough... jeeze I´m not on the moon, you know! (jk). But you must´ve really been worried about me while I was in the mtc. So much food! But the funny thing is digging through the box to find goldfish, because it actually crossed my mind the previous week that I probably wouldn´t have them again. So thank you for the snacks :)
      Easter was okay. They don´t do much here, just celebrate it like every other holiday. The shops are closed all weekend and there’s lots of music playing, but no parading the streets this time. I´m glad to hear you all enjoyed your stay in California, but that’s too bad about the games. I hope the rest of the season goes well. And David, I understand the whole senioritis thing, but don´t do anything you will regret. Just enjoy these last 2 months of school!
      It’s great to hear about home, but I have very little time left so I will just answer questions.
Have you done any service projects, yet? nope :/

Eating any new foods lately or cooking anything new? I´m eating lots, cooking little, but whatever.

Do you go shopping on your P-day - like for food for the week? yeah we buy food ´p-day. last week I bought a 6 pack of apples and they were all crappy and mushy, which upset me greatly..... :/

How are you feeling about the language - is it getting easier? um pouco? ( a little) *shrug*

Okay, I love you all enjoy the photos this week and I will talk to you again next week.

Love Elder Williams.

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