Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sunshine Award!

 I was awarded the Sunshine Award by my daughter, Emilee, who is an inspirational blogger and an inspirational person in my life!  As a recipient of the award, I have to answer the following questions and give the award to some other bloggers.

1. Favorite color:  To look at purple, to wear, black!

2. Favorite animal: Sherm and Toby

3. Favorite number:  10 (David's baseball #)

4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Tea - any kind - iced, hot, black, green.......

5. Facebook or Twitter: Facebook

6. My Passion: Being with my kids and doing what makes them happy!

7. Getting or Giving:  giving

8. Favorite Pattern:  Circles or dots

9. Favorite day of the week: Friday night/Saturday morning

10. Favorite flower: 
Gerber Daisy in bright colors!

11. Celebrity role model:  President Obama - he is truly intelligent, both intellectually and emotionally.  He is above the riff-raff that inundates politics today.  He's a good dad and puts his family first.  He's also a very cool guy!

I would like to bestow the Sunshine Award to the following bloggers:

Emilee Paints - my incredibly talented, smart, funny daughter who inspired me to be a blogger myself!  Her artwork is absolutely amazing and I am so lucky to be her mama!

Joan Watkins, a dear friend and neighbor who shared her son's mission experiences and her life on her blog and inspired me to do the same!
Eli of It Just Gets Stranger because he is one of the best satirical writers I have ever read and he makes me laugh my head off!

And Lisa Foster, a friend and neighbor who reviews restaurants, recipes, books and patterns and who is incredibly talented and creative.  I so much enjoy reading her posts!

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