Monday, April 16, 2012

Week Eighteen - Banana Peels and Adele!

Sao Paulo

The gang in training.

The boys in Brazil!
Bom Dia, Tudo Mundo! 

How´s it going? Good? that´s good. I´m doing pretty good too. This past week was reeeeeally long. This past month was, too but thats okay because it´s over now and the third month in the mission field has just begun! Yahoo, Wahah! It´s ah´me, Mario!.... okay, what now? Hrmmmm. I´m kinda stumped right now, not a lot to say... We found some new people to teach, finally. And we had a little more help from a member, Mery, who said she wants to help us out more, and started asking about who we visit and when and if she can come with to help, so that's really cool. We had lunch at a members house who has a little girl about 9 years old or so, and she wanted to sing to us "someone like you" by Adele... haha that was funny. She could get some of the words but most of them she just mumbled and you couldn´t understand her. All the members here are really nice and helpful (not so much in the missionary work), and they´re all fun to talk to, even though I don´t have a lot to say... yet...maybe some day I will. And that was my week. Pretty cool, huh? you jealous? I would be too. Also, a member here offered to let me use his computer to skype on mothers day, so I think I will try that if I stay here for the next transfer, which I probably will. So do whatever you need to do to prepare the computador for skyping. And now, my reply... to your e-mail. Thanks for the info on apples, that should help a lot. But you better hope I don´t buy mushy apples again and you´re not wrong. If you are, expect a looooong complaint. :) 

My current mish prez is pretty cool. When I had my first interview with him, I told him I played the bass guitar, he said he did too, and then he searched for about 10 minutes to find a DVD of Victor Whooton, a super good bass player that can slap´da bass like a maniac. But I don´t know him enough to say more about him, just that he´s cool. 

Pictures today: another of Sao Paulo, one with my district and Irmao Mauricio (he was one of our instructors and he´s really cool) with Elder Fox making just about the goofiest face ever, another with my district and Mauricio, and my eyes are closed... darn it. And one more of just me and Mauricio. Mauricio was really funny. One day he made the sound of a rooster, I don´t remember why, and on the day before he left, my district wouldn´t let him leave without making the noise again, but he was too embarrassed to do it. So he leaves and like five minutes later he pokes his head through the door and asks "do you want a frog?... riiiibbiit." Haha, ah good times in the MTC. And about the money I still have, I need about 27 more dollors, I only have 113 now. sorry... I guess I forgot how to count. HEY! Don´t get mad at me it was an accident, sheesh. So... yeah 27 more dollars, por favor. Okay, so enjoy the birthdays and weddings without me while I enjoy mine. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA MARTA! I know it won´t be the same with out your oldest grandson but try to enjoy it anyways! :) hehehe, *snicker**snicker**snicker* And all the other news is great too, yada,yada,yada, thats great, can´t focus on it now I need to work. 

1)Any packages this week? I know that I have one coming down and so does Aunt Lisa and Grandma Marta just mailed your birthday package last week. no packages this last week. maybe I will get one tomorrow. 

2)Got your address of your apartment for me yet? Hah! no, addresses here are so confusing. I have a picture of a map with a black dot on it that is mais ou menos (more or less) where our house is. I will send it to you soon. 

3)What kind of food do you eat at member's houses - I was surprised you were served lasagna! I eat rice, beans, spaghetti noodles and some sort of meat, every meal. This past week I think I was served a cooked banana peel... I think... they said it was the casta da banana (cast of the banana? i have no idea) but that was weird. 

4)Have you heard from Justin or Taylor? I sent Taylor's mom your address a while ago because she said Taylor wanted to write to you. Hope they are both well and I think of them, often. No letters from Justin or Taylor yet. I did receive one from Elder Peterson though. He was in my district in the MTC and he was really cool. If possible, get david to ask Ian Schoen for the mission address of his brother, Lucas Schoen. I know you weren´t friends with him, and he might´ve switched schools... so if possible... get it please. 

5)Were the fish crackers I sent you all broken or did they mostly survive the trip? I didn't put any in my last package because I started thinking maybe they would all get broken. Let me know how they came through and if they were OK, I'll put some in the next package. Fish crackers were good. send more please. Mmmmm fishy fishy fishy. 

Okay, thats all for this week. Have a good one. I love you and miss you all and will talk to you again next week! 2 months without a hair cut, going for three! Wish me luck! 

Love Elder Williams

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