Monday, February 11, 2013

Week Sixty One - Argentinian Justin!

Raining in Paracuri.

More rain outside Tom's window.

Christmas party at member's home.
Hello to everyone at home!

       This week was okay. I still don´t have a lot to say. I think I´m just awful at explaining things, and a little bit lazy. Anyways, I think things are still improving here. We´re still teaching people with little interest, but I think with one of them, Cris, the sister of a member here, she´s beginning to show more interest. We´re not really teaching her a lot of the actual lessons that we normally teach, but we are trying to figure out what her problem is, which is difficult. But, we´re getting closer.... So, apparently, this next week we´ll have a baptism. A woman that we weren´t even teaching decided that she wanted to be baptized. She´s the wife of a member here, and the bishop of the ward went to their place yesterday after church, because they didn´t go, and I guess the bishop said some pretty miraculous words and challenged her to be baptized, and it seems as though she accepted. So we´ll be going there to teach her this week. I just hope that everything goes well because she´s bipolar and at times she´s not in a good mood. So wish us luck.
      Anyways, things with my companion are still going well. He´s probably one of my best companions yet. There was one day, we were talking a little, and I was looking at him, and I thought I saw Justin for a moment..... funny... I think Elder Gonzalez is the Argentinian Justin.... but yeah that´s pretty much it for this week...
Did you get the flashlight from Pat Wilkins? Yes, I did! sorry I didn´t mention that. I got the money too, muito obrigado Sister Wilkins! I´ll be sure to write letters to everyone that sent me something, now, rapidinho!

Any packages or letters this past week, if so, who from? I received a letter from Grandma Williams! Muito Obrigado Vavó Williams!

Are you still writing in your journal everyday?  David asked for a journal for Christmas and he has already started writing in it.  He says he has only missed one day since Christmas! I´m trying, but it´s being a little difficult... I´m trying, okay!?

Do you use that Dry Sac that you took with you?  Just wondering if it works or you would recommend one in case David goes to a humid, rainy place. Yeah I still use it. I think it works well, but everyone else here just uses plastic bags, so I wouldn´t worry so much about it.

How do you take water with you each day?  Do you still use a filtered water bottle?  I hope you are drinking plenty of water! No, I usually just ask for water from the members here. But don´t worry I´m drinking bastante!
     So the pics this week are !. The rainstorm we waited in.  A little Christmas party at a members house that live below us. The view (maybe the 2nd and if so sorry) outside of our window.
      Being, maybe, this week my last here in Paracurí, I´ll be sure to take a lot more pics. Okay!? Well that´s about all for this week. Happy Valentine´s day everyone! Have a great week. I love you all, stay safe and I´ll have some better stories next week, maybe baptismo!!!

Love Elder R. Williams

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