Monday, February 4, 2013

Week Sixty - A Better Week!

Picture taken off of facebook (since Tom won't send any home!)

Hey Guys, whats up!

        So my week was better.  We had a little companion exchange with the assistants of the president. One, Elder Anderson, came to our zone with another, Elder Neres, while the other assistant went to another area. I was companions with Elder Neres for these past few days. He´s pretty cool. He´s super new in the mission, he arrived in the field at the end of November. When he teaches, he sounds like a narrator, which is funny. My companion went with Elder Anderson, and they basically just burned everyone for being so lazy and slow to progress. Elder Neres almost doesn´t say anything, and being that I talk very little, I had to think of questions to ask him while walking, but thinking of questions to ask after the second day was difficult. Anyways. still no baptisms, but I think things are getting better. We´re moving along a little bit faster.
      Hey! January is already over!? I never will have another January in the mission.... that saddens me. Congrats to Landon and Clayton! Egua! Bangkok! EGUA! RUSSIA! You guys will like the mission. What more can I say? OOOH DAVID! I´M EXCITED FOR YOU TOO! I don´t mind waiting if you really want to make me. I´m still trying to write a letter to you but I´m having difficulty thinking of the right thing to say. Just wait a little longer it will come! Hey! I heard this past Sunday was super bowl Sunday! Who won?
Do you eat a lot of Acai?  Some missionary mom's on the Belem facebook page were talking about how much of that their son's eat and how much weight they have put on since starting their mission. I eat it when it is given to me. I ate açai today. We had lunch at someone´s house today and they gave us açai.... mmmmmmmmm bom demais!

Do you think you are still putting on weight? I think not. I stopped at almost 65 kilos and it´s been that way since 6 months in the mission.

Do you know an Elder Hoch?  I think you were in the MTC with him and he looks familiar - like you have sent home pictures with him?  His mom posts a lot of pictures on facebook. Yeah I know him, he was my district leader in the MTC. He´s pretty cool. I miss the elders from my mtc district.

When I send your jersey (probably tomorrow) do you need anything else like toothpaste, sunscreen, etc? Nope, nothing, just that shirt. Hey I bought a box to send stuff home in. I just need to find stuff to buy for yas. Let me know if you want a specific something.

Have you had to buy new shoes, yet?  You better not be wearing holey shoes around! I´m thinking about buying new shoes. But don´t send any, or you´ll get them right back. I´m a big boy now, I can buy my own shoes... while speaking Portuguese!

Okay, that's all for this week. I didn´t bring my camera with me today because I don´t have a lot of new pics to share. I´ll get a pic of my companion and I one day... just wait one more week, okay? Anyways, I love you all. Thanks for all your support and love. OOOOh I can almost start counting the time down on my fingers! Anyways, until next week. Tchau! Tchau! The church (of Jesus Christ) is true!

Elder R. Williams

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