Monday, January 28, 2013

Week Fifty Nine - More Frustration and Slow in Paracuri...

Hello Again!

          So, I thought about my goal that I set this past week, and I realized that it´s not so much punishment to me as it would be to you, at home (because I´m kind of sick of reading and writing e-mails anyways, especially when I have nothing good or exciting to share, like this week.... again). Anyways, I learned today that some of the mission leaders want to have companion exchanges with us this next week (our district leader, our zone leaders, and even, maybe, the assistants of the president) because things are still not going well at all. So, yeah, another week without baptism. In response to your question: yes there is pressure to get baptisms. The goal is one baptism per week for every companionship of the mission. And we are now going 9 weeks without a baptism, which is frustrating, because the mish pres. always tells us that we have the potential to have baptisms every week, that this mission (Brazil Belém) is a mission of miracles, our other leaders all say the same thing, and we´re not making any progress here in Paracurí.

When is the next transfer and do you have any idea if you will go to a new area? The next transfer is the 19th of February, and I´m thinking that I´ll be leaving soon.

Do you know if Elder Fox is still in the mission field or did he ever go home? Yeah he´s still here.

Is it getting any easier to be the senior companion?  Do you feel like you are learning a lot? eh, it´s the same....... 

Are you pretty much fluent in the language now or do you still sometimes have a hard time understanding people? I understand most of what people say, I don´t have problems trying to explain things or express ideas.

Do you want me to send anything or do you need anything?  What about your soccer Jersey you bought in Barcelona, since you're a big soccer fan now! I accept my soccer jersey! manda o agora!!!(send it now!)

Did you get the story I sent you about the missionary dog, yet? yeah I did, it was funny.... what more can I say? (thank you, I liked it a lot!)

Question, does em´s boyfriend speak Spanish at all, or has he completely forgotten it? And is he Mormon? 

But, that´s all for this week, hope for a better one ahead. I love you all. Have a great week, see you later, alligators!

Love Elder R. Williams

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