Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Week Fifty Five - Happy New Year!

Picture of Tom and his companion posted on FB by Cleide Lima.
Hello and Happy New Year!
    Seeing ya´ll na Skype was pretty darn cool, but sorry I didn´t have much to say! I´ll be thinking of questions to ask for the next time starting now! Sorry to hear about your car Em! But I´m glad to hear that you are okay! Egua Mom! Don´t be down because you have snow! Enjoy it for me! Would you rather live in a place where you begin to sweat the second you wake up?! And when you are done taking a shower and get ready for the day you are already sweaty again! EEEsh é horrivel! But only one more year of it! And Egua! I want to go snowboarding! Com certeza, I will be learning that again when I return home! Sorry that my e-mails are getting shorter every week. I´m just kind of losing patience with my self at the moment. With a new year comes new goals, and one will be longer e-mails... okay?
         My week was okay... not a lot special happened beyond talking to you on Skype. There´s a guy here that we talked to, and we´re going to try to teach, that knows a lot about basketball. He´s already talked with a lot of missionaries, but has never been taught, and he´s actually played basketball with some. But he is the husband of a less active member that is wanting to return to the church, so we´re going to work hard with him. Hearing him say John Stockton and Carl Malone was funny. The rest of the people we are teaching are just kinda meh right now. This week is the last of the transfer, I hope we find better people to teach. Anyways, my companion is most likely going to be transferred, and it should be nice to have a new companion... not that my companion is bad or I don´t like him or anything like that... but I kind of want a new one.
Did you get the iPod I sent and were you able to listen to music on the little speaker? YES IT IS QUITE COOL! BUT! it needs more Josh Groban, and unfortunately, the computer is not able to identify the ipod. I think it´s because it lacks itunes... so I can´t really get more music on it right now, which is a bummer.

Did your companion get presents from home, too? I heard some sad stories from other missionary moms that said their son's companions didn't receive any Christmas presents. I meant to tell you that you could share with your companion if he didn't get anything. I think you probably got quite a bit considering how many people sent packages. I hope your companion got some things, too. He didn´t get a lot but I´ll be sure to share with him.

What did you do on Christmas day - what was the day like for you? I just talked to you guys and visited some members of the ward... Our leaders said that we had to be out on the street during the day, we couldn´t stay at home, so we just visited people.

Do you know the family well that let you Skype from their house? Yeah, more or less. They´re nice, always giving us lunch. They are a very strong family in the church, and help out the mishs quite a bit.

I am not getting pics loaded on the e-mail right now, because this computer is dumb, but I will try to send some home next week.
That´s it for this week. I love you all. Happy New Years! Wish me luck on my last year of the mission. Tchau Tchau!
Elder R. Williams

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