Monday, January 7, 2013

Week Fifty Six - Cool Christmas Present & New Companion!

Hello Family!

           This week was okay. Unfortunately, a whole transfer passed and we didn´t have any baptisms.... I´m not too happy with that. But I sure did learn a lot in this transfer. I learned to be more patient with the newbies... I learned to make contacts better...I learned to take action and responsibility better... seeing that before this transfer it was pretty much my companions that did everything. So with the transfer, my companion, Elder J. Rosa, wil be leaving from the area, and my new companion here will be Elder Gonzalez... he´s from Argentina, and he´s got less time in the mission than my companion now.... about 3 months... wow that´s very little time. A member here gave us a Christmas present this past week, just a little late, which is reeeeeaaaallllyyyy cool! I received a little pottery bowl with my name (Elder R. Williams) on it and the flag of Pará. Missionaries have it good, do they not? Hearing that Beau is already returning home from his mission is... unbelievably incredible. This is the year that everyone´s mission ends. Beau, Scotty George in February, Justin in May or June, Taylor in July or August, maybe, Josh in August I think.... and Lucas in October... I think.... and then me... in December... The mission is soooo strange! It´s constantly changing, people are constantly coming and going!... What more can I say?
           So yeah, I don´t have a lot more to say this week, sorry. 
Did your companion get transferred?  If you got a new companion, what's his name and where is he from? Elder Gonzalez, from Argentina

Do you ever see or hear from Klayton, anymore? Nope, he´s in my mission past now.

Have you been to any restaurants or out to eat, lately? Nope, just eating at members.

Do you ever see American fast food restaurants where you are at - like McDonald's? In my area, no but I don´t need it.

Is there anything you need me to send to you?  Wart remover, deodorant, sunscreen? Nope, I`m good for now.

Grandma Marta is wondering if the chocolate she sent you was melted?  Hershey's chocolate drops, I think. Nope, didn´t melt. Thanks G-ma!!!!

My hour of computer time already ended so I´ve gotta go now. But I love you all and will talk better next week.... sorry.

Tchau Tchau!

Love Elder R. Williams

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