Saturday, January 26, 2013

Week Fifty Seven - Learning Spanish!

Skyping with us on Christmas Day!

Tom and Elder Roja, eating more acai.

Tom and two missionary sisters at a baptism. 


         Glad to hear the jazz won 3 of 4 games this past week, and that it´s still snowing. What would be awesome is if it snowed the whole year so that there is a 100% chance that there is snow on the ground when I return home. I´d like that. I´d like that a lot. Anyways, I guess it´s cool to hear that Scotty ended his mission, já. I hope he enjoyed it and got the most out of it. So I received my new companion this week. Elder Gonzalez. He´s from Salta in Argentina. He brought a book with a bunch of pics of Argentina, and wow... it´s a beautiful country. I think I´ll go there after my mission, with exception of Buenos Aires because my companion says that they are stuck up... Anyways, I started studying a little bit of argentinan spanish this week, which is fun. The difference of accent between all these Spanish speaking countries of south America is funny, but what´s even funnier is that Brazil has about as many different Portuguese accents as all the Spanish accents in America do Sul. Anyways, I´m liking my new companion a lot. For having such little time in the mission (almost 6 months now), he´s very experienced. Apparently Brazil and Argentina are soccer rivals, so a lot of people discuss soccer with him, so I´m learning a little bit about soccer at lunch just about everyday. I think I´ll start watching a bit of soccer when I return home. But yeah, we still have a baptism drought here, but we´re getting closer... I think.
Does you new companion speak any English?  Is it hard for the two of you to communicate?  I am guessing he speaks Spanish. My companion doesn´t speak a lot of English, just very basic stuff, but he already speaks Portuguese very well. He used to watch a lot of movies in English with Spanish subtitles so he knows a tiny bit. He said he likes the saw series so I asked him to explain to me the story.... eeesh it sounds awful... nada a ver....
Have you been listening to the i-pod I sent and does the speaker work OK? Yes I have, but it dies about mid way through the week, and I don´t have anything to charge it with until I come here to use the computer.

Do you still have to take cold showers in the apartment you are now in?  Have you ever had a shower with hot or heated water since you've been down there? In my 3rd area, we had an electric shower head, so sometimes I took hot showers (but it´s expensive) but here it´s just cold showers, but I´m not complaining.

Have you been speaking in church, lately? I haven´t spoken in church yet, here in Paracurí. It doesn´t seem like missionaries get asked to speak much.

Are there other American missionaries in your area? In the zone, yes, but in the closest area, it´s 2 Brazilian sisters (they should be in one of the pics I send home).

Did you get the new memory card I sent for your camera?  Was it the right kind? Yeah I got it, I think it´s the right kind. Muito obrigado mãe! (thanks very much, mom!) 

The first is the baptism of some sisters in the neighboring area. I baptized him (Breno) because it was us that received the referral to teach him but unfortunately, he lives on the other side of the street that divides the areas. But it was an honor to baptize him. The next is me and my companion, Elder J. Rosa (before the transfer this past week) as we were about to eat açai. Don´t worry I´m not upset or anything, I just like giving frowny faces in my pics! The last one is.... Oh! it´s you! when we were skyping. Mom and David must be camera shy, and I think Dad and em got sick of looking at me....

Anyways, that´s about all this week. Wish me luck while I learn Spanish during this next transfer. Have a great week. HEY! someone should go make a giant snowball out in the front yard! OR a snowman! OR an igloo! Anyways. I love you all, and miss ya tons! Have a great week and stay safe! Tchau Tchau!

Love Elder R. Williams

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