Monday, March 24, 2014

Week Forty Five - "You Got Twenty Minutes, Tell Me Something Uplifting."

Jackie and David fighting over a scooter!

The fence....before they built it.
Hey Fam,

   I had a very good week.  The weather was nice, we worked hard, no problems, and being a missionary is just starting to become rather pleasant.  It gets easier and easier all the time.  I feel like I am almost 100% adjusted, and this is just life now.  Time is going by crazy fast, and I spend less and less time thinking about time and home; and more and more time thinking about investigators and the work.  While I am still hungry for baptisms and success, I feel content with the missionary lifestyle.  It's amazing what time and persistence can do.  
   So our week was pretty typical, with the exception of food.  I told you last Monday that we were going to eat buffalo for lunch.  The members that cooked it talked it up a lot, but really it was far from anything special.  We were also fed cow tongue one night for the first time in my mission.  It was cut up into bite size pieces, and you could see the taste buds on it, and I'm quite sure I got the very tip of the tongue!  It wasn't bad, if you put lots of salsa on it; but the salsa they had was super spicy, so I couldn't handle much.  I think they were going to try to feed it to us without telling us what it was, but somebody asked, and the cat was out of the bag!  It would have been easier to eat if I didn't what it was, but I survived.  I was also fed some of the best homemade cheesecake ever.  TWICE!  We made it so obvious that we liked it so much, that they made another one later in the week and invited us over to come eat it.  They call it "WOAH" because that is what people usually say after their first bite.  Sometimes I feel like food takes up a bigger portion of my mission than it should, but missionaries love food!  And the members in this particular area love feeding us!  It is rare if we don't eat at members houses five times a week; and they would feed us seven times a week if they could!
   I believe I already told you that the same nonmember feeds us every Tuesday night, and she has a son named David that has been serving in the Houston mission.  Well he comes home tomorrow, so last Tuesday she asked us to help her make some "WELCOME HOME DAVID!" signs.  It kind of brought on a mixture of feelings, and she wants us to be at his welcome home party on Wednesday.  That's going to be weird!  
   We had a specialized training on Wednesday, where all the Spanish missionaries in the mission got together.  It was fun to see all my amigos, it was very insightful, learned a bunches, and I love President Durrant!  He is a very inspired man.  
   We met a guy this week named Wally.  Biggest hippie I've met in all my days in Texas.  He has pictures around his apartment with him and his friends shirtless, long hair, gnarly staches, and shotguns.  He told us that he was the biggest pot dealer at A&M back in his day and got rich off of it.  When he opened the door, he had some old hippie music blasting, and he looked like somebody that was about to slam the door right on our noses.  To our surprise, he invited us in and said "I love my God!  You got 20 minutes, tell me something uplifting."  We stayed for an hour and a half and had an awesome conversation.  He is very open and super funny.  One of those guys where Elder so and so is too difficult, and insists we tell him our first names.  He is a lot smarter than he looks, and asks a lot of really good questions.  It was nice to have a conversation like we did.  I'm sorry, but no Hispanic has ever made me think as hard as he made me think.  We have had two good chats with him so far.  They aren't really lessons, they just go wherever he takes them.  It is lots of fun to talk with him, and I am hesitant to pass him on to the English Elders, just because he is so stinking cool!  He is a very interesting man to say the least.  I love meeting wacky people!  
   We had an investigator show up at church yesterday for her first time, in the middle of sacrament meeting.  She walked in and practically yelled "buenos dias!" in the middle of someones talk.  Haha!  Her name is Marta, and she is pretty wacky herself.  It was incredible to see the members take her under their wing and make her first Sunday at the Mormon church an enjoyable experience.  Thanks to them, I am confident that she will be back and baptized soon!  
   There is a member here that was a nurse, and is super into natural oils.  She made some sort of concoction to put on a wart I have on my finger, and it is the most fowl smelling stuff that could ever go through your nostrils!  It smells like vinegar, lemon juice, armpit sweat and moldy gym socks!  I've only been using it for three days, so it is too early to tell if it is working or not.  I'm just praying that I'm not rubbing this stuff on my finger for nothing!  

-We can put on p-day clothes to do service if necessary, but with unplanned service opportunities, the only thing we can do is tuck our ties into our shirts, roll up our sleeves, and do our best to keep clean!  
-I am sleeping much better now.  The snoring definitely hasn't slowed down, but recently I actually read the instructions on the side of the ear plugs box, and they work great when you use them correctly!  Lesson learned.
-I haven't seen Sister Packard much lately, but I did meet Kurt Heldt's brother yesterday in the church library!  

It is crazy to think that Rachel will get to Texas at the end of this transfer!  When you gave me the news it seemed so far away!  Missions are crazy.  I love it.  That's all I can think of for this week, so until next time!  Love and miss you all!  Have the best week of your life!  

Elder Williams      

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