Sunday, May 11, 2014

Week Fifty One - Gladys Knight and Kicked Out of the Gas Station!

Hey Fam,

We had a good, busy week here that just flew by!  I'm not sick anymore.  The weather has been on the verge of almost too hot pretty much all week.  I start sweating just thinking about another summer in Texas!  I'm scared, but I will survive.  Elder Packham and I are getting along just fine, and we worked hard competing in the championship for McKinney Madness all week against las Hermanas in the branch.  Monday we got kicked out of a gas station parking lot for contacting so many people.  Elder Packham and I were quite proud to be able to write that in our journals that night.  The winner gets a trip to the temple, and second place gets to go to Top Golf for an afternoon.  It ended yesterday, but we still haven't heard who won yet.... They might make us wait until interviews on Friday to find out.  I would prefer a trip to the temple, but smacking some golf balls doesn't sound half bad either.  I'll let you know on Mother's day!  Not quite sure what the plan is for skype on Sunday yet.  We had a few members offer to have us over, so it will happen.  Don't worry. 
   The highlight of the week would have to be Saturday night.  I'm sure most people are aware that Gladys Knight is a member of the Church.  Some of you have probably heard about her and her SUV choir that have been touring the country for years.  Well, they came to Dallas this weekend!  And we got to go!!  And it was EPIC!!!  She has been set apart by somebody pretty high up there to be a missionary as she performs and shares her experience and testimony of the Church.  All missionaries and members were encouraged to bring nonmembers and investigators to the event.  Unfortunately, we had a hard time getting Hispanics to come to an English event with Gladys Knight.  "WHO?" was the response of every Hispanic we talked to.  So we took a soon-to-be-future-missionary-member with us. The music was incredible, there was good humor, and super spiritual.  But the most impressive part was her testimony.  Gladys Knight is a truly converted woman with a powerful and undeniable testimony.  She's probably the coolest chick in the church.  She's hilarious!  What she said about the Church was perfect for nonmembers to hear.  She even put a good word in for the missionaries!  She said we are cute, so neat with our white shirts and ties, and that it is nice to see some kids that actually wear their pants up where they are supposed to be.  She let everybody know that knocking doors is dangerous these days, which I don't think a lot of people realize or acknowledge or appreciate.  It was an unforgettable night, and I can only imagine the kind of missionary success that she has brought to the Church.  I have no doubt that their performance is inspired.  The Church is brilliant.  I love Gladys Knight!  
On top of the thrilling performance by Gladys and her choir, I got to see a bunch of my mission buddies!  Every single one of my old companions were there.  The mission is great.
   Other than that, we had a typical week full of hard work.  Not too much success as far as getting people close to baptism, but that will come.

-Yes I knew it was Elder Haskell's birthday.  When I saw him Saturday, he asked me if I knew what Sunday was, and I didn't know, and I didn't remember until he acted super upset that I didn't know.  He is a character.  He is constantly telling people that he would beat me up all the time, even though anybody that looks at the two of us would easily know that it was the other way around.  
-I could use some stamps, but other than that, I haven't thought of anything else and I don't really need anything else.  I am set on pens too.  Just call it good with whatever you've got so far! 
-Nope, never hear from Jess.  I called him when I first got to McKinney, and he said he would come take us to breakfast when he got back in town, but I never heard from him again. 
-We have interviews this Friday with President and I am going to invite him to lunch then!  

-Tom:  I don't think there are any recently returned missionaries that are good at dating, especially those guys that serve in some foreign country.  From what I've heard, those guys come back freaks!  So just give it a little time and go on as many dates as you can!  Oh, and have a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I put a special little something in the mail for you today that you should get soon......

-Dad:  I gave David Mondragon your phone number.  He left for LDS BC on Saturday and is looking for work.  He already has job offers, so you are probably just a last resort.  Just wanted to give you a heads up, and I hope that's okay! 

All is well!  Love and miss everybody!  See you Sunday!  

Elder Williams

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