Sunday, June 1, 2014

Week Fifty Two - Happy One-Year Anniversary and Skyping on Mother's Day!

Hi Everyone,

Well, David told us that he would e-mail us today, even though we talked to him for about an hour and a half yesterday, but all he ended up doing was sending a couple of pictures.  He is doing really well, still loving being in McKinney and got in a little trouble for having his hair cut too short!  I guess he and his companion had a member cut their hair and it is super short.  He loves it and says he’s going to wear his hair like that when he gets home, but we’ll see.  

He told us a story about what is going on in these pictures.  Some church members had a tree with a huge branch that they were worried was going to fall on their house.  So, they rounded up a bunch of help and David and two or three others were on the roof.  They had a guy, who supposedly knew what he was doing, cut the branch off, and it was suspended in the air by a bunch of ropes.  Well, it turned out to be harder than they thought and David said it was super close to crashing down on their roof, but they managed to get it cut up into smaller pieces, mostly, before it crashed to the ground, barely missing the house.  He said it was crazy!

He also told us a funny story about getting a card in the mail saying that they may have won a prize at a car dealership if the two numbers on the card matched.  Well, of course the numbers matched, so they hurried down to the car dealership for their chance at winning one of seven different prizes.  He said the guy took them in a back room where there was a roulette wheel with the prizes on it and they got to spin the wheel.  They could have won an ipad or some other great prizes or….a lottery ticket.  And guess what they won?  The lottery ticket, of course!  So, they had a chance to win up to $770 on the lottery ticket and when they scratched it off, they were the lucky winners of $2!  And, of course, they will be entered into the grand prize to win a couple of cars.  I just thought this was a very typical David story and it cracked me up!

This is a picture he sent with Sister Rachel Wyss, who is a friend that he grew up with and they went to school together all through grade school, jr. high and high school.  She just barely got to the Texas Dallas mission and her first area is McKinney!  What a coincidence!  Before she left, Dave and I went to her farewell and Dave asked her if she would give David something.  She said she would and he took her hand and made a fist out of it and told her that when she saw David to punch him in the arm as hard as she could and to tell him it was from his dad!  We had kind of forgotten about that and when we talked to David, he told us that he saw Rachel at their zone meeting and she punched him in the arm….really hard!  And, she told him it was from his dad!  We got a kick out of that and Dave said he was very proud of her to deliver that to David!  She is an adorable, sweet girl and her mom is very happy that she is in an area where she knows someone.

Well, those are the highlights of the call.  Our Skype didn’t work super well and we ended up talking to him over the phone and seeing him on Skype.  It was noisy where he was and we could hear his companion talking to his family better than we could hear David at first – so David kicked him out of the house onto the porch!  You can tell that it is weird for him to talk to us and I often wonder if they struggle a little with that home-sickness stuff after the calls.  He got to see Toby and talk to all of us.  He is looking forward to his final year – his one year anniversary is this Thursday, on the 15th.  He has a lot of goals set and knows that it will go by really fast.  He said the past year has really flown by for him.  He had an interview with President Durrant last week and told him he wanted to take him to lunch to get to know him better.  President Durrant wrote down a note and his phone # and told him he would give him a call  - I really hope he does.  He leaves in July and David gets a new mission president.  We asked David to speak to Em’s David in Spanish and he did and sounded like he really knows the language.  Em’s David said he is fluent in Spanish and he could understand everything he said, which is cool!  He even talked to Tom in Spanish and Tom back to him in Portuguese, and they could each understand each other, mostly.  It was a great call and it was super hard to tell him goodbye – I really hate that part!  But we will be talking to him again in a short seven months! 


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