Monday, June 23, 2014

Week Fifty Seven - Helping People Move and A BYU Channel Fan!

Hey Fam!  

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO MY PAPA!  I hope you had a great day yesterday and everybody let you know how much they appreciate and love you.
Another good week here in McKinney.  We were busy and it just flew by!  We worked hard, sweat a lot, and had some good things happen.  
   We helped two families move in to a new home this week, the first one being a nonmember family coming from Arizona.  They had contact with the missionaries there in Arizona, and they got their new information to us, and we were able to help them!  It was pretty neat.  It was super exhausting because their apartment was on the third floor!  It was a pain, and one of the Hermanas that was helping us out even got heat exhaustion and was throwing up the rest of the day!  But she is fine now, and we all left with a good feeling knowing that we were able to help.  The family was very appreciative, and they will probably get baptized this fall.  Then we helped a member family move to McKinney from Plano, and they will be a great addition to the branch.  We also helped a Nigerian couple move a fridge into their apartment.  They were funny and had also talked to missionaries regularly in the past.  So we got to do lots of service this week.  I love serving! 
   We had the coolest contact this week when we ran into a pizza delivery lady who watches the BYU channel!  The BYU channel is actually her favorite channel and she thinks Mormons are awesome!  She had some very good questions, and she was open minded to everything we said.  The English elders haven't been able to get a hold of her yet, but I'm sure they will in time.  I just thought it was so funny to meet somebody that enjoys watching the BYU channel!
   The youth in the branch went on High Adventure camp and girls camp this week.  The young men went to New Mexico to do some river rafting and to climb the highest mountain in New Mexico.  They didn't even make it to the top because everybody got altitude sickness, headaches, and some were even throwing up.  Silly Texans can't handle a little altitude apparently.  Psh!  It was fun to hear about their adventure and it made me so jealous!  Texas is not the place to enjoy the great outdoors.  Neither is a mission. 
   Yesterday we were invited over to a member's home for dinner.  It was the Sister's birthday, Hermana Arreola.  Apparently, every year since she has been a member, she gets a picture on her birthday with her cake and the elders.  Not her husband, not her kids, no friends, just the cake and the elders.  She cracks me up!  
   Jackie and Lizeth are coming along well, and that is pretty much all we've got going on right now. 
   We went disc golfing this morning and found a stinky dead armadillo.  
   Grandma Thelma's funeral is the only other funeral I've ever been to.  I don't remember too much about it though.
   Sherman will be in my prayers.
   Keep biking, Tommy Boy! 

-I received both breakfast packages.  Thank you!
-Yes, the temple was the prize for winning the McKinney Madness competition.
-I can't think of anything else I need at the moment.  
-I haven't tried the knee high panty hose yet, but yes I believe that is what is best for preventing chiggers.  

I want to thank everybody for the love and support they send me and for everything else they do.  Y'all are the best, and I love and miss ever body!  Elder Packham and I are going to have a very good week this week and I can't wait to come back to the library to tell you all about it!  

Elder Williams

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