Monday, June 23, 2014

Week Fifty Eight - Testimony of Girls Camp and Last Meeting With President Durrant!

Baptism of J. A. and her family!

David, J.A. and Elder Packham!
Dear Family,

   I now have a testimony of Girl's Camp.  Have I ever been?  Of course not.  But I have always heard girls talk about how amazing and magical it is.  I just figured it was girls being girls, and I was always grateful that I was a man and got to go to the macho high adventure camp.  Well now I know that Girl's Camp really is MAGICAL!  Our investigator, J., I believe I already told you that she was being a typical teenaged girl and church and baptism were the last thing she wanted anything to do with.  She dressed quite immodestly, she was always very quiet, and she just had an attitude.  We encouraged her to go to Girl's Camp, and thanks to a push from her parents, she went.  We prayed for her all week that she would be touched by the Spirit and come home feeling differently about baptism.  Well, I wouldn't be telling you this if a miracle didn't take place.  J. came home from Girl's Camp practically a new person!  She had a blast at camp, really opened up, and made lots of friends.  She now dresses differently, she has a brighter, happier appearance,and best of all, she wanted to get baptized the very next Saturday!  And she did, and everything went well, and I could not be happier right now!  We even have an investigator come to both the baptism on Saturday, as well as church on Sunday.  His name is E., and I have a good feeling about him.  
   I went on an exchange this week with Elder Bowden to Plano.  Plano is a rough area.  It is a very rich town, very few Hispanics, and they have nothing going on there.  So it was a long day of knocking doors.  But it was a nice little change of scenery for a day.  
   On Wednesday we had a specialized training, where all the Spanish missionaries in the mission get together for a meeting with President Durrant.  It was our last meeting with President Durrant; he goes home in two weeks!  So we pretty much said goodbye to him.  He has tried very hard to talk as little about basketball as he possibly could for his three years as a mission president, but it has been hard because his missionaries are constantly asking him about his basketball glory days.  So at this meeting, he finally gave in and showed us a three second video clip of him dunking a basketball when he was at BYU.  But the neat thing about it, and the only reason why he showed it, was that the teammate that passed him the ball was Brian K. Taylor, our new mission president!  So that was pretty stinking cool.  President Durrant is a boss and I am going to miss him.  If anybody would like an idea of how great this guy is, y'all should read a book called A Dad, a Boy, and a Ball, written by George D. Durrant.  But I am super excited to meet the new mission president and see how things change.  We meet him next week!
   We had a great week, worked hard, and I feel good.  

-We are still really well fed by members.
-Pizza for Lunch around 12 would be nice on Thursday : )
-I don't need anything, thank you!
-no lunch... yet

Thanks for understanding.  Happy to hear all is well at home.  Tom, I know how ya feel!  Love and miss you all, and I pray that everybody has a great week!

Elder Williams  

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