Sunday, December 21, 2014

Week Eighty One - Raking Leaves and Sharing 'He is the Gift'!

Elder Berardy and Elder Williams eating helotes!
David, Cindy and a puppy!

Elder Williams and Elder Crockett survey their work!

That's a lot of leaves!

Providing service!

Hello Family!  

Thanks for the updates.  Happy to hear that all is well!  
Unfortunately, I have very little to tell you about this past week.  It was a decent week, but nothing special.  We are teaching quite a bit, but it has been difficult to get any commitment out of anyone.  It is quite frustrating, but that's missionary work!  We raked lots of leaves this week during the early, slower hours of the day for some investigators and less active members.  We just showed up and started raking, and everybody really appreciated it.  Serving feels good!  
Right now, I believe all the missionaries in the world are sharing a card and a 3 minute video called "He is the Gift".  Not sure if you have seen it, but it you haven't, you need to check it out!  We are sharing it with everybody we can right now, and I love it!  It is short and simple, yet so powerful.  And it's for everybody!  It really brings the Spirit into the homes that we visit.  Share the Gift!
I was not aware of Elder Powell, but I am not the least bit surprised.  He is a solid missionary.  The English AP's are in our zone.  They normally come and play sports for a bit, but yes they are usually crazy busy.  I am far from AP quality, and I probably couldn't handle all that responsibility anyway!
We got the pizza as well as the package from Frances.  THANK YOU!
We are going to get all the Christmas bags out this week, because it could be mine and Elder Berardy's last week together!  The Spanish is great!
I've only found a package at our door once or twice.  They almost always go to the office.  I am quite sure UPS never leaves at the door.  Idk!

Sorry for the short email.  I will make up for it with a few pictures!

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