Sunday, April 26, 2015

Week One Hundred and One - Downtown Dallas, Temple Visit and Coming Home is Sinking In!

Go BIG or go home!  In downtown Dallas!

Seeing the sights in downtown Dallas!

Family Home Evening!

David helping with Family Home Evening!

Picture from Facebook - must have been St. Patrick's Day!

Rosalba takes the boys out to Texas Road more time!

Goofing around at Texas Road House!

David enjoying a nice meal!

And checking out some sports on TV!

Happiness!  Everyone is going to miss Rosalba!

David and President Taylor!

Fun times at Top Golf!

Top Golf!

The crew having fun at Top Golf!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!  But don't celebrate today, we can celebrate in 9 days!  I hope you have an awesome day!
It's good to hear from home, and I'm terribly sorry to hear about Steve.  Him and the family will most definitely be in my prayers.  
MONDAY we went to Top Golf with most of the zone to hit some golf balls.  It was lots of fun, but everybody there was pretty terrible at golfing, including me!  
TUESDAY I went on an exchange with the Lakewood English Elders, in a trio with the two of them for the day.  They had nothing planned for the afternoon, so we went and walked the streets of Downtown Dallas to contact people.  White people are intimidating.  I don't think I had ever been rejected so much in so little time.  There were tons of people, but most wouldn't even accept an Easter Jesus card from us... Hispanics never turn down a card!  I guess people in DT Dallas are too good, too rich, too beautiful for the Gospel... or so they think.  We did, however, teach one lesson to a kind recovering drug addict in a park.  Not much came of our time in downtown, but it was a little refreshing to see something new and outside of Garland.  
WEDNESDAY was a pretty special day.  17 of us Elders, all going home on the 29th, went to the temple in the morning with President and Sister Taylor.  It was super duper neat to be there with the guys I started out with.  It is just the absolute best feeling to be in the temple.  While sitting in the temple, I felt at peace, content and satisfied with what I have done in Texas for the last two years.  I felt calm, confident, and hopeful about the future.  I felt ready to take on the world!  After the session, we ate lunch together in the temple cafeteria, which actually wasn't that bad of food.  It was also President Taylor's birthday, so we had cake!  It was a sweet sweet day!
That same day a member from the Casa Linda ward returned home from his mission in Brazil.  His family lives in our area, they feed us from time to time, and they seem to really like me for some reason, so we were invited to go to the house and eat with them and the extended family.  The kid that came home from his mission is named Jordy, and he is a super cool, humble kid.  We got to talk to him a little bit, and he looked out of place, not sure what to think.  It made my soon departure from Texas more real than ever! 
The rest of the week was somewhat normal, yet uneventful.  We ate a lot of food this week, everybody seems to be taking us out to eat.  So I'm making one last push to get fat before I come home.  I'm pretty excited, but duty calls, and we are pretty busy here, which is nice.  It makes it easy to keep focused.  This week is really going to fly by!  And it should be a superb last week!  

-Jordy Garcia spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday for his homecoming, so I will be speaking next week.
-You can tell Toby that there is nothing that gets me more excited about coming home than when I think about seeing his darling face!  
-Haven't sent anything home yet, but I started organizing some stuff and getting things ready to send home. 
-Not sure who will be the next zone leader, and I'm not involved in that decision.  Lots has been happening throughout the mission, like emergency transfers and missionaries going home, so this next transfer meeting should be huge and crazy!  
-Elder Denos is doing great.  He shouldn't have any trouble taking over the area next week! 

I hope Grandma has a happy birthday on Friday!  I would have liked to write some birthday letters, but there is just too little time in the day.  Just postpone the birthday celebrations!  Or even better, celebrate them twice!  
I love y'all!  May God be with you this week to lift, comfort and strengthen you!  

Elder Williams

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