Friday, July 13, 2012

Week Thirty - July 4th and Lightning!


Tommy and a cool boat.

A boat in a cage....

Tall tower in a park in Belem. 

Bom Dia, Bom Dia, Bom Dia!

                   Tudo Bem!? I´m doing pretty good. Some pretty interesting stuffs happened this past week. We had anther baptism. Her name is Maria. She was taught by the missionaries a year ago and on the day of the baptism she traveled. A few months later, she was taught again, and on the day of the baptism she traveled... again. And 2 weeks ago, she decided to come to church, we met her and taught her and she decided to be baptized this past week. Awesome! There was a lot of rain and lightning this past week. Almost every night you could look in any direction and see lightning light up the sky. And some nights the lightning was right over our head, like last night. I had a cough all week, which didn´t bother too much. Someone gave me some medicine her to try to kill the cough, didn´t work. Woah that medicine was awful. It tasted like... a really old spooky graveyard where the undead are ready to pop out of their graves... or something. Yeah, it tasted like that. I hope I never have to take that again. Oh, we also met a man while we waited for the rain to pass that claimed he was a prophet. From what I understood, which isn´t much, it was an interesting discussion. But it´s doubtful that he is a prophet. Very, very doubtful. My foot has been hurting a little bit this past week. I think I´m walking weird because of the blister. Hopefully this day of preparation and rest that I have now will make it better, if not I, I might have to amputate.... 
               Anyways, that was my week. And that 13 year old girl is a snake because she is pretty much attached to us... some awkward moments with her this past week. I told her I like the Lord of the Rings, she said she´ll buy it for me, even though I can´t watch anything until Dezembro dois mil treze, and I think we already have it at home... And she gave me a note, which was nice of her but still awkward. Also, my companion likes to joke around with everyone. Sometimes he plugs noses. He plugged the nose of our recent convert and now she tries doing it to him. She practically jumped on his back to plug his nose, holy moly that was awkward, and she does other things that my companion just shouldn´t allow. I might have to talk to him about it, if it continues... 
             So yeah, your e-mail: I´m glad to hear that you are still jantando (dinnering, basically) with the missionaries. They sound cool. I have a question, in Utah, do the missionaries serve in the ward or just in the stake? Here we serve in the wards, but I don´t remember seeing the missionaries much in our ward. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!! btw. My first companion in the field, Elder Reis, said that the 4th of july is the day of rebellion and apostasy, because in the book of Alma, in the book of Mormon, it says something like "on the 4th day of the 7th month... yada yada yada... I ended my rebellious ways... or something like that." I can´t remember exactly but pretty funny, I´ll have to find it. Toby, I hope you get better, you will always be in my prayers. Eu te amo, toby!!!! Glad to hear Em´s job is legal (not legal as in she has a legal job and before she had an illegal job, but legal in Portuguese is slang for cool, ya drug dealer...). And I regret asking you to talk to me about the movies I´m missing. That was a huuuuuge mistake. Da´gommit. (Elder Fox´s lil´saying). It´s awesome to hear that Lebron got his wring, that complainer, I hope he doesnt get another one any time soon. Also, whats the name of the Oklahoma B-Ball team? The penguins? the yankees? I cannot remember... Also, what´s the rock of ages about? I don´t remember hearing about that movie. Don´t worry about sending shoes, there are some here that I can buy. Otimo e-mail btw.
             Pictures: Me in front of a cool boat. Woah, caged boat! don´t touch, David! Can you not read? it says "não toca!" sheeesh. Woah look at that tower! Can we go up there mom? can we, can we, can we, can we!? Oh look, its me! I can´t remember if I already sent the last photo, but wha´eva, I do wha´ I want!
            Questions for this week:

Did you get any packages or letters?  Did your Visa come? I did not receive a package or letter this past week, but I did receive and e-mail from my otimo primo, Clay that I need to thank him for, Thanks Clay!

What's the story about the snake? I already explained, don´t make me do it again, please! Please no! NOOOOO!

Did you get the package with the pants that I sent and if so, do they fit OK? I did, they fit fine, muito obrigado!

How are your shirts looking - need new ones anytime soon? they´re good, but a little yellow. Today we should get our machine fixed, so they should be cleaner than ever this next week.

What do you get to eat when you go to a restaurant with Klayton? meat... good meat... mmmm can´t wait for the next meal with klayton!

Do you think you could get transferred soon? I could. dia 24 is the next transfer. I´m kind of hoping I do, I´m kind of hoping I don´t. not sure which I want more yet.
Okay, gots to go. Tchau, loves yas com tudo de meu coracão! And I will talk to you again next week. Have a great one!
Love Elder Williams
P.s. hey, psssst, over here... send more pics, like when I had super long awesome hair. Oh I miss you, long hair, so so much... /triste

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