Monday, July 2, 2012

Week Twenty Nine - Tall Missionary Tales and Teaching!

Hello Family!
         Hope everyone´s doing good. I´m great thanks for asking. This past week was pretty good. I had lunch with the rich guy again, Klayton. That was a gooood lunch, and hilarious too. He talked about his mission in Provo and all the stuff he did. He said he went to an NSYNC concert, he went to jazz games, he hiked, jet skied, went mountain biking, and a bunch of other stuff, all of which, I´m quite sure, are against the rules of our white missionary guidebook, the book we receive that pretty much only says "YOU CAN´T!" He also said for the new missionaries they have initiation, and for one of the newbies he had to mountain bike down a hill. He got about half way down and ended up biffing it and rolling down the mountain. Klayton said he basically mangled his arm but still stayed in the mission. Klayton also said he was friends with the BYU football coach and he got rides to the games with a bunch of the cheerleaders. I don´t want to make assumptions but I think he´s lying and just trying to be funny. But, yeah, that was a funny lunch. After lunch, Klayton asked me to dedicate his house in English. That was awkward, because half of it was in English and half was still in Portuguese. Anyways, lunch with Klayton was awesome.
      We had a baptism this week. A 13 year old girl named Samara asked me to baptize her, so i´m like "cool." Again, I don´t want to make assumptions, but I think she´s a snake... anyways, BATISMO! Also, on Tuesday, I gave the district training for the first time, which is when you teach a section of Preach My Gospel to the missionaries in your district. That was a little awkward. I think last week I confused training new missionaries with district training. But either way, I didn´t want to do either of them until I´ve been out for at least a year. So that´s the highlight of my week. Oh! my companion has a small commercial for cheese on his pen drive. It´s so funny, but I don´t know the name of it. On youtube, search "strong cheese mouse trap commercial", or something like that.
      Anyways, moving on. It sounds like you all had a good week, except for the fires and the stress from work. I hope things get better/easier or you confront all your problems and beat them to the ground. I saw the pictures of Toby on David´s head, that´s sooo funny. And thanks for the other pictures. I´ll be sure to share those with todo mundo.
       Things here are definitely getting easier. Teaching is easier, understanding is still difficult, walking is a little easier, too. This past week we had a lot of rain, and one day we had to walk through a bunch of mud and puddles of water. My good walking shoes ended up getting soaked so I used my nicer shoes for 2 days, and they already started to fall apart and I god a blister on my foot.:/ But, tudo bem! It ain´t ruining my day.
      Pictures: only 2 for now, there seems to be a problem with loading more than that. I think the pictures are of that cool little place in my first area. I think I will send more after I send this e-mail.
1)Did you get your Visa card, yet?  I did not, but I´m not having any problems with money right now so all is good.
2)Has your new mission president started yet?  If so, have you met him and do you like him? President and Sister Campos returned home Friday, President and Sister Scisci started Friday, and I will meet them tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me.
3)Has the weather changed down there yet or is it still the same everyday? It´s still the same right now.
4)Do you have any idea when you might be transferred next? The next transfer is dia 24 of this month, but I have no idea of I will be transferred.
5)Are you getting to know the city pretty well - is Belem a lot bigger than Salt Lake or the Salt Lake Valley? I know my area pretty well, but Belém seems pretty big. I think its a bit bigger than salt lake.
6)Any more service projects lately? no, luckily:)
Okay, my questions: how are the basketball championships going? Who looks like will win? What films am I missing? I want to know so I can feel more tranke... Also, can you send me my facebook e-mail address? its no longer against the rules to use facebook.... okay i´m kidding it is but some people want to add me to their facebookies.... Also, can you send me my patriarcle (sp?) blessing? Muito Obrigado!
      I love you and miss you all. Have a good week and I will end with my testimony. I know that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true church on earth. I know that Jesus Christ is my savior, and I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. I also know that I was called by a prophet of God to do the work of the Lord. Again, I love you all and will talk to yas again next week. Tchau!

 Love Elder Williams
The city of Belem.

Tommy by the river - he looks good!

Boat on the Amazon River.

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