Saturday, July 28, 2012

Week Thirty Two - New Companion and MIA

Tom and Elder Inacio at church.

Scary spider!

Poor frog!

Elder Inacio, Gabi and Tommy!

Good Morning!

           I hope everyone had a good week, in spite of the unfortunate news. My neighbor told me about the shooting, which is really sad. :( My week was good, and very interesting. I hope I can remember it all. Friday night, we had a play. The only actors were Elder Inácio and me. Some people said that all the blood of my body rushed to my forhead, haha. We filmed what we could with my camera but someone else filmed all of it and I think he will give a CD that I can send home, even though its all in Portuguese except for one word. But it went really well, we had lots of laughs, but it didn´t start until almost around 8:30, when it was planned for 7. Every single activity in this area starts late, which is kind of ridiculous. But anyways, the activity didn´t end until about 9:45 or maybe almost 10, and we had to take some people home because we were obligated by their parents, so we didn´t get back    home until almost 11 o´clock, holy moly we are rule breakers here! Our district leader tried to call us, the zone leaders tried, and the president even called a few times. When we finally get close to home, we see our zone leaders walking down our street from the direction of the church. I was thinking they also had an activity at the church, until one of them gets his phone, calls someone, and says "we found them." In that moment I knew we were in trouble, haha. And this paragraph is long enough, I will start a new one.
           Anyways, Samara told me I have a talent for acting but that I deserve better and I´m just like "... uh-huh, thanks, sure..." haha, oh so weird. We invited Gabriela to come, and she really wanted to, but she didn´t have anyone to go with. She tried calling us to see if we could take her but we can´t take our cellphone with us. So yeah, I felt pretty guilty friday night, about worrying the president and letting Gabí down. For the first time in a while  it took more than an hour to get to sleep.
          On Thursday, we were told that our area is changing zones and would probably be the area of zone leaders, so we have been telling this to everyone for 2 days, thinking that both of us would be transferred. Some people were upset, Gabí cried a teeny-tiny bit, and  Saturday night, we learn that only Elder Inacio is leaving, and I will stay. I also learned that my new companion is Elder Rocha, and I hear that he is super quiet, but this last transfer he trained so he might be super talkative now. I´m not sure what´s going to be more awkward, me doing all the talking or a new companion that doesn´t know anyone does it all. It´d probably be better if I do most of the talking, because I need to learn how to talk...I`m horrible at it, hehe. But my companion can talk for hours. I don´t think I´ve ever seen anyone who makes friendships as well as he does. It´s going to be difficult without him. I think I´m going to have to start acting like him and become the new Elder Inácio...
          So with the news that my companion is leaving, we pretty much didn´t work last night, just visited some people and had some photo shoots, I don´t think I´m very camera shy any more. So yeah, that was all the stuff that matter this week. The rest is just teaching with the attached recent converts. Haha, my companion received a letter from one of them, and she basically just spoke about his future girlfriend/wife and all that jazz. Muito engreçado!
         In response to your e-mail, thanks for the new shoes that I will buy about 6 months from now, and hopefully no sooner. Thanks for the pictures, even though I look weird, haha, maybe I won´t grow my hair out again. It makes me very upset to hear about the shooting, and a little nervous to leave the house when I return, or to let anyone at home leave the house... Enjoy the Olympics! It is cool that time is passing fast, sort of. My companion only has 8 more months in the mission and he thinks he´ll stay in his next area until he finishes. I told him I think its cool he can see his last area/areas, and he said not really because his mission is ending already and its passing too fast. He had 6 months in the area I´m in now, and he says it went by suuuper fast, which makes me wonder if I have time to learn and grow as much as I would like, before the mission ends. Vamos ver :l
When you get wet from the rain, how do you dry your clothes off? I don´t, I just suffer

Have you been cooking anything in your apartment? only noodles in the microwave. We don´t have a stove or anything.

Did you like those things I sent you to flavor your water?  If you do like them, I can send you more. I did but don´t worry about sending more of anything, because I am well supplied right now. I also buy water flavors at the store every week, so I don´t need any from home.

Any packages this past week? infelizmente, não.

How is the language coming?  I notice your e-mails have more and more Portuguese in them.  Is English getting harder? I think i´m progressing still, more or less.

Anyways, Eyes gots 2´s goze nows, I love you all, have a great week, stay safe and healthy. Tchau!

 Love Elder Inácio! (the new one)

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