Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Week Thirty Three - Macaulay Culkin and A Pillow!

Tom, Samara and Elder Inacio.

Red, red birds!

Tom and Maria.

Hello Familia Williams!
            This past week was pretty good. My new companion is cool. His name´s elder Rocha, if I haven´t already told you, he´s from... I don´t know how to spell the place he´s from. It´s close to Brazilia. I think its called Goyais or goyania or something like that. He´s a lot of fun and energetic. He teaches really well and helps me out a lot. He actually corrects me if I say something wrong, unlike my last companion. He is very encouraging and gets me talking, which is good, and having a new companion is cool and all, but planning is stressful because I sit for about 5 or 10 minutes thinking of the things we will do tomorrow while my companion can only wait for me. One night, while we were sleeping, a cockroach crawled across his face, haha. That´s gross. Some news, I received a pillow, which is nice. I didn´t have a pillow at all in my first area, I arrived to my second and had a pillow for about a week, but it was the other elder´s that left from this area so I had to give it to him. mmmm so nice to have a pillow again. I´m now in the same zone as Elder Kaufman, the k-man, which is cool. He was already called to be district leader, holy moly he´s moving up the ranks fast! We received a reference from someone to talk to their son or something like that, and when we arrive it turns out that 3 20 year old guys live there.... holy smokes that was a little weird. We didn´t teach anything, we just talked for about 15 minutes and left. We had lunch with Klayton again, which was cool. We didn´t go to a restaurant but it was still better than usual. He still says stuff that I find hard to believe but it was funny. Fun 
            Pictures this week: woah! red birds! Oh-ho woah! look there! I´m in front of a boat! and 2 baptisms. Maria and Samara. Samara kind of looks like an elf.... anyways, I can´t remember which pictures I have already sent, now, so I will start taking some random pics, like the inside of our microwave, and send the card home, tá bom? tá bom, tá... Oh look! you killed the spider! HIGH-5!
 Do you go to people's houses and see any of the Olympics or do people talk about them at all? Some people watch the Olympics, but I think they like to watch regular soccer a little bit more. I watched a little bit of volleyball, Brazil against Turkey, I think. RULE BREAKER RULE BREAKER RULE BREAKER!!!!!!!

Did you get any packages or letters this past week? I did, I received a letter from Dad, S. Peterson, a letter to Josh from B. Abrea, funny, and a package with goodies and letters from Emmy and Davvy. Muito Obrigado! Your letters were great! Also, the little poem from that guy you work with, mom, is...... issszz..... I don´t know how to explain it. It´s great but kinda sucks... haha. Hrmmmm time is passing fast.... too fast....

What have you been doing on your P-Days lately? I finished reading Jesus o Cristo this past p-day, which was a great read. It really helps me understand my savior and the new testament, which I have never actually read before. Now I will start to use the present from Grandma and draw. I bought some stickers of DBZ and batman that I can trace as if I´m in the 5th grade again, isn´t that awesome? yeah, it´s awesome! :)

Have you had any pizza since you have been down there? I hear they have it, but it's different than ours. I had pizza once, its okay, but has too many toppings, including corn and peas and some other stuff that just over does it.

Is your new companion from Brazil - what part of Brazil (if he is)? He is from Brazil. He´s from Goyananie or gaindoiyr or anklsjdfoaij and now I`m just pressing buttnoinansdifnons on the compualksjdflkjlkjter.

Do you need me to send you something to clean your shoes with? nope, all good hear. I just use a brush and water to get all the mud off every once in a while.
Well that was my week, I hope you enjoyed it. Ah one more thing! I received the package of pictures. I showed some people and they said "legal." My companion says I look like Macoly Kolken or how ever you spell his name, in the pictures of me when I was younger.. Haha, engraçado! Anyways, I love you all and hope you have a great week. I will talk to you again next week, com certeza. Stay safe and healthy and don´t be lazy, David. Also, congrats to hammer for being baptized, that is super Awesome!!!
    Love Elder Makoleee Coalkin!

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