Monday, August 13, 2012

Week Thirty Five - Hot Pockets!

      You forgot who jimmy is?!?! Jimmy likes to play basketball, like Elder Williams, but is mad at Kramer because he is the cause of jimmy´s broken foot, and George is a little annoying, but he likes Elaine, or however you spell her name, a lot. Do you know who Jimmy is?.... I do.... and I haven´t watched Seinfeld in 8 months.... HOLY MOLY! 8 months in the field! SHEESH, and I still feel like I´m a baby here. This past week was okay. We had a baptism. Elder Rocha baptized the sister of Samara, Samira, which is cool. My District leader, Elder Kaufman, and I talked about somethings we´re going to do when we return home, mostly just play old video games and watch digimon. I think I´m probably the only one who knows what digimon is but whatev. There's a puppy that´s usually hanging around a members house that moves just like toby, the way he twists and torts his body when super happy. Oh, how I miss you toby, my love! Anyways, the news of this past week is a little short.
           In response to your e-mail, Gabí has not been baptized yet  and I don´t think she will, until some years down the road, which is unfortunate. I found my patriarchal blessing, so don´t worry about that. Hey if you do send another package soon, put some sweettarts and shockers in it. My companion says he loves skittles and they are the best, but I know otherwise, and... I need to prove to him that he´s wrong. I don´t need deodorant or sunscreen.  I did  receive the popcorn but I keep on burning it in the microwave gosh dangit! Anyways, that doesn´t matter. Dad and David, enjoy your 3 day hike, should be fun. Mom and Em, enjoy your time alone without the boys. I´m glad to hear that Emilee did not have west nile virus,  that´s scary stuff. Go watch the Bourne movie and tell me how it is. Well David, your summer is already almost up. Did you enjoy your last one? I hope so. School should be cool, hehe I rhymed, you´ll like it. and..... que mais? ah sim! USA! USA! USA! EUA!
Is everyone really tiny in Brazil? You always look like you tower over all of the people you are in pictures with. At least here in Pará, yeah. There are not a lot of people taller than me, which is kinda cool because I´m normally one of the shorter ones.

Any letters or packages this past week? nope

Have you had to speak in sacrament meeting lately? almost. We arrived to sacrament meeting one day and they tell me I was going to speak, but I told them no because I had nothing prepared and I spoke the last time, so it was Elder Inácio´s turn, so I got out of it. I might have to speak next month, though, if I´m not transferred.

How are you feeling about the language now? I think it´s improved a lot since the last transfer.

Have you had french fries since you have been there? one or 2 times, maybe. Klayton says we´re going to pizza hut the next time we have lunch at his place, which is Thursday.... pray for good pizza!
Pictures: some of the baptism of Samira, yada yada yada, and a hotpocket burger, that I ate, which I regret... I should´ve taken Jim Gaffigan´s advice to avoid the hotpocket.... Hoooooooooooot pocket! Okay, gotta go. I love you all, have a great week and I´ll talk to you on the next segunda-feira.
Love, baby Williams.

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