Monday, August 6, 2012

Week Thirty Four - Moving Dirt and Teaching

Tom, Elder Inacio and members.

Tom, Elder Inacio and members.

Tom is looking good and he's got a tan!

Hello Family and Friends of Elder Williams

           Elder Williams hopes everyone is good, that your week was awesome, that nothing tragic happened, that toby is as goofy as ever, that his video games haven´t been touched and are rusting, that the computer is never used anymore and was thrown out the window... I don´t know why he hopes that but he does. Elder Williams says his week was good. He taught 2 unmarried families, for the first time, about marriage and why it is important which was a little weird. He didn´t know what to say, and talking like Jimmy is tiring and annoying so I´ll stop now. We had a little service project, just moving wet dirt around, which was super tiring. I had a stream of sweat down my face the whole time, but it was nice to help. When Elder Inácio was still in this area, we began to teach a little in the area of other missionaries, because the girls that we baptized only know people in the other area, but this past week we decided to just give them all as references to the other missionaries, so now we´re really short on people to teach, but the missionaries of the other area are cool. One, Elder Harris, is from Richmond Utah, I think, and he returns home September 4th, which is cool but a little strange, because it seems like yesterday he was one of my housemates when I arrived to the mission field. Time is passing too fast! But yeah, that´s about all I can remember of the week. Oh! Gabí went to church yesterday without us having to go to her house to remind her the day before, or pass by her house to wake her up yesterday morning. I think she´s gaining lots of interest. PRAY FOR BAPTISM!
          Anyways, yeah. Your e-mail. Don´t worry about a pillow, this one should last until the end of my mission. I just hope I don´t forget it when I´m transferred. Don´t worry about sending me anything until Christmas. It´s only about 3 transfers away! HOLY MOLY! And yes, I do love hearing from my brother and sister, and anyone else who desires to send me a letter. The more letters I get, the more jealous the other elders become, the more jealous they become the more happy I am, the more happy I am the better.... >:) hehehe *snicker**snicker* (I´m kidding) Hmm that's sad to hear that Andy died (not literally). I miss young men´s.... :(

How are your garments holding up and do you need any new ones?  If so, which kind do you like the best? they´re good, don´t need new ones yet but thanks!

Have you seen any more of the Olympics? no not really. oh well can´t watch them anyways.

Did you get any packages or letters this past week? no I did not, da´gommit!

Are you still eating lunch at member's houses most days? I am....e? (and?)

Do you ever see any missionaries that you were in the MTC with, besides Elder Kaufman? nope, just him, but that´s okay, he´s super cool. I still need to see Elder Fox though.
 Elder Staskiewicz looks a little familiar, but I can´t remember. hrmmmmmmmmmmm..... intriguing or however you spell it.

Pictures this week are of some members. They´re all really cool, but I´m too lazy to say who they are. Just be glad you have more pictures of me and some of Elder Inácio with his eyes closed. I don´t think he can open his eyes if he is smiling, haha. Anyways, I have to go now. I love you all have a good week. And I´ll talk to you again before you know it.

Love Elder Williams.

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