Monday, September 17, 2012

Week Forty - Frustration and Eating Aligator!

Statue of Jesus calming the storm.

Tom in front of the Valverde.

The coastline....

Hi Family!
      Egua! this week was a little difficult. We had another baptism but we almost didn´t teach anyone the entire week. The most lessons we had per day is 2 when we should be having 5 or so. The people we are teaching just don´t have interest in anything. Ugh, this is frustrating. When I arrive to one of the best areas of the mission, things start to get worse. For some reason it was hard to stay focused on the work. I thought a lot about home and all that I´m missing. I know that I probably can´t do much at home that would be better for me than what I can do here, but I don´t feel like I´m making much more progress....
         Anyways, not a lot happened this week. My companion and I talked about how many missionaries begin to get lazy in their last transfers. Elder Mendonça said that almost all missionaries he has seen in their last transfer don´t do anything. There were 2 missionaries that were in the house I´m in now, this past transfer, which was their last, and they did not do anything, and it was probably the worst case of lazy missionaries my companion has seen. I´m only hoping right now that I don´t end up like that, because when the work gets a little sucky, it´s hard to stay motivated :/ I´m a little sick of writing in my journal because I just seem to be writing the same thing over and over again. "We taught so and so, the lesson went well, we walked a lot, church was cool, but I didn´t listen to anything..... I should scratch that...." and the same thing with e-mail... hrmmm I need something new, something to excite me....
        But yeah, what do I want for Christmas? Ties.... Cheetos.... maybe some new shirts and garments.... some of those little colored mints that look like mini Hershey kisses.... pictures of the family, and of some cool new stuff at home..... a puppy..... yeah, só isso.
1)What is going on with Elder Fox?  Is he going home for good or just temporary? He is leaving Brazil for good. He did something before the mission and never confessed it. It has been bothering him here, prayed about, and decided he should go home. He said he wants to continue his mission but wont be able to here because of the visa.

2)What do you do each day as the companion to the zone leader?  Is it different than before?
It´s not very different. My companion is constantly receiving calls, when we´re walking or teaching, so I try to talk a little to the people while we´re waiting. But I haven´t had to do anything special yet.

3)Is the food any different in your new area or do people kind of eat the same things?  Do you still go to member's homes for lunch each day?
There have been some things added to the usual meal. I think i´m going to eat a lot more fish, and yesterday I ate aligator, which wasn´t very good. I didn´t like it. One guy says the next time we eat at his house, we will have snake. Egua! thats cool. A newbie here, Elder Baldwin ate chameleon this past week and he had to go to the hospital that night, haha.... that makes me a little nervous.

4)Any packages or letters this past week?
no but that´s okay....

Pictures this week: me in front of a boat, a cathedral,  a stretch of the coast, more or less, and a statue of Jesus calming the storm. Cool, huh?
      So that was my week. Egua! 9 months away from home now, that´s pretty cool. Okay, tchau! Love you all, stay safe, get well soon G-ma Pratt!

Love Elder R. Williams

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