Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Week Thirty Seven - Lost Camera Card - Bummer!

Hi family!

       I´m glad to hear everyone is good at home, Toby´s okay and not lost forever, David´s enjoying school, and it´s just peace and quiet at home. But I bet Toby is awfully bored with no one at home now. This week was okay, until today. We had another zone conference in which an area 70 of Brazil spoke to us, which was cool, and I have now seen all the elders of my district that came to Belém. Elder Hoch has puffy cheeks now which is funny to see. It reminds me of me, when I had me wisdom teeth removed. We had lunch one day with a woman that speaks English, but she talks so formally, it´s quite funny. Yesterday, we had 4 visitors at church. One of them said she liked it a lot, it was very different, she felt very welcomed and..... hopefully she goes next week. And today, we took an hour and a half bus ride to my first area again, so Elder Rocha could see an eye doctor, because he is having problems with his eyes. His right eye is fine, but his left is half way blind. So we arrive here to find that the doctor won´t be here until Wednesday. Well that sucks. So, we decided we´d stay here for half of the day, maybe take some pictures, buy some cool things, but first :E-MAIL! I start typing me e-mail, I get my camera out, look for the memory card that I put in my little missionary guide book only to find that somehow.... it fell out....... GOSH DANGIT!!!!! So, I lost my card, and now I´m not happy at all.......GAAAAAAAHHHHH!
            Anyways.... just Q&A today
If you are getting fat (which I am sure you couldn't possibly be), how are your pants fitting?  Are they still long enough? my pants are doing fine thanks, no problems yet. But they say thank you for worrying about them.

Did you get your PIN # OK in that e-mail I sent?  Have you used your credit card lately? I did get it, thank you very much. I think I will use it to buy new shirts. Mine are not looking good. I think they are rusting.... if it´s possible for shirts to rust.

How are your socks holding up?  I am still looking for ideas of things to send in your Christmas package, so let me know if you could use some new socks pretty soon? My socks are turning purple. I think it´d be a good idea to send more.

Have you heard from Justin or Taylor?  I left a ton of messages for Justin's mom because she wanted your address, but she never called me back. I have not heard nada :/ 

Anyways, I´m upset now. I´m going to go cry on the bus ride home.... Tchau! I love you all, don´t worry about me because I´m fine. 1 more week of the transfer and I think I go to another area.... I´m kind of hoping so, I´m a little sick of this area. Yesterday, we just decided to ask the people with less interest in our message "Is our visit worth it?" they say no and we say Tchau! So we kind of have to start over again. Wish me luck! Tchau!.....Tchau!!!!........TCHAAAAAAAUUUU!

Elder Lose your card!

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