Saturday, September 29, 2012

Week Forty One - More Baptisms

Mural in Ver-O-Peso
Hello minha querida familia!

Egua! I received a lot of mail this week. I received a package with lots of goodies, which was awesome, a letter from Dad, G&G Williams, my amigão serving in Teresinha Brazil, Elder Petersen, my other amigão David and his amigão Landon L. I really liked the short story that Grandma W. sent me, about a man that translated the BoM to Afrikana or something like that. Just more proof that the BoM truly is ancient records of an ancient people, and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and that the Church of Jesus Christ is the only  true church in all the world. About a month ago, I read a book called the Day of Defense. It´s about 2 missionaries bible bashing with a bunch of pastors of other religions. It´s really interesting. Everything that these pastors had to say against "the Mormons" was countered with the Bible, and after reading it I just want to Bible bash with tudo mundo. Egua! I need to study the Bible. There is a missionary here that found proof of temple presidents in the Bible, but I forget where. How random is that!

         Anyways... this past week was okay. I baptized another 8 year old.... I guess that´s my duty here, to baptize 8 and 10 year olds. However, it´s still baptism and a soul saved! Wooh HIGH 5! We taught some people that don´t understand anything or want to know the truth. They won´t even ask God in a simple prayer if our message is true because "my pastor said my church is true..." Egua! Everyone says their church is true... frustrating demais! So yeah, that was my week.
          In response to your e-mail, no we didn´t watch the Brigham City temple Dedication. I think general conference is the only thing that is broadcasted world wide. Glad to hear Grandma´s surgery went well and she´s okay. Glad to hear that Dad is such a good nephew, and I hope Uncle Ken gets better soon. I have not heard anything about a postal strike, here. Vila dos Cabanos is kind of in the middle of nowhere, I think, so I won´t hear a lot about anything. Congrats Emmy! you were promoted né? That´s awesome. It´s cool to make people jealous, is it not? Don´t worry about the bad attitude of others. Just remember what the card mom sent me says. "Ancient wisdom tells us that a good attitude can´t solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth it...." or something like that, hehe! I bet you´re makin´ bank now, huh?
 1)I will try to send you some music, but I need to know what format you can listen to?  What do you have to listen to music on?  MP3, i pod, just a computer..... I just wasn't sure what exactly to send you.... sorry! The music I have now, on a pen drive, is in mp3 format. A lot of missionaries have these little speaker boxs that you can put a pen drive in, so I just use that.

2)How are your warts?  Did you go through all of that prescription medication I sent you a while back?
I don´t have any big ones anymore, but I have a few super small ones. Maybe you can send me that wart freezer suff.

3)Did you watch the Brigham City Temple dedication?

4)Did you get any packages or letters last week?
yeah, dude!

Pictures aren´t working very well, I will try to send them in another e-mail. This one here is a painting of a street on a wall, in Ver-o-peso. pretty cool, huh?

Anyways! I love you all and miss you. Thank you for your support and prayers. Have a good week. Tchau!


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