Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week Sixty Five - The Orla and the Two Rivers!

Tom on a dolphin!

Tom, Elder Minghini, his companion and Leandro.

Tom at the river.... with a sack!
Mission Conference..... can't find Tom....

Hello Family!

      Sorry about last week. I was at the house of a member trying to use his laptop. My companion used it without any problems but when I got it, it stopped working. What luck! Anyways, this week was good. We´re constantly looking for new people to teach, trying to talk to peeps on the streets (I think I already said that). We taught a girl that went to church with us yesterday. She worked from 7 at night on Saturday until 7 in the morning on Sunday, and still went to church with us, which is cool. This week we had an area 70 visit us, Elder Godoy. He´s really cool. I liked him a bit more than the last area 70 that visited us, Elder Mazzagardi. Elder Goday was the mission president of the Brazil Belém mission some years ago, and he told us a little about how strong the missionaries are that serve here, and if their not strong, they will become strong, after leaving here. "Só os fortes servem no Norte!"
      I´m liking my new area a lot, but I´m kind of sick of being transferred and having to get to know everyone over again, so, hopefully, I stay here for a while. There´s a cool part of our area that´s called the "orla," I think it´s boardwalk in English, but I don´t know for sure. It´s a cool sight along the river. The river has 2 colors, blue and yellow, because it´s where 2 rivers meet together, and the waters don´t mix, so half of it is blue and the other yellow.... I think that´s it for this week.
1)I forgot to look. I´ll search for it this week or ask the mish pres. next week.
2)No packages this week. I hope to receive them this next week. We will be having stake conference, and I think President Scisci will be coming, so maybe he´ll bring some stuff with him.
3) I think I´ll just buy some stuff, to send home, even though it´s really expensive.
4)It´s.... a residential I guess.... I´ll try to get pics, because it´s basically on a hill, so there´s some places that you can stare down the street almost arriving to the river.... it´s quite cool... but I can´t really explain it.
5)I think I want you and Dad to come get me, but I´m still kind of up in the air about it. I´ll give a definite answer next week.
1) Me on a dolphin at the orla. 2) Me, my companion, Elder Minghini, and Leandro, a member here that helps us out a lot. 3) It´s me.... looking out over the river.... with a sack, for some reason.
I think that´s all for this week. I love you all. Have a great week. Enjoy spring break, for those that still have spring break. Stay safe, face your fears, be courageous, do what you want.... but don´t die! (I should be careful with my advice!)
Love Elder R. Williams

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