Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week Sixty Six - Six Investigators!

Hello Family!

           My week was okay. We tried to rent a house that is actually in our area, because the walk from our house to our area is a bit long. So we found a place, we had our zone leaders inspect it, they said everything looks good, we got the contract from the mission office, gave it to the owner of the new house, saying that we´ll probably get the house, and 2 days later he tells us that he doesn´t accept the contract of the church... de jeito nenhum! Anyways... that doesn´t bother me too much. I prefer staying in a house of 4 instead of just 2. And the walking doesn´t bother me, either... I´m quite used to it. This week, while working, we found a girl, Nossa! I don´t think I´ve seen someone so interactive in the lessons before. I thought she was an elect of the Lord (and I think she is)! But we returned the next day, and tells us the bad news she received that day. She´s leaving the city to live with her father in an other city that doesn´t have the church, or missionaries yet. Ugh what luck. O diabo impediu mesmo, nesta semana... But we´re still lutando (fighting). We had stake conference here in Santarém, which was okay.... I wish I could tell you what I´ve learned, but I forgot.... embarrassing.... But I continue! We had a goal to take 6 investigators to conference with us. 6 I SAY! shut up, dork.... but we only got one to go... Better luck next week... with a baptism, I hope! And that was my week.
      HOW COOL! that David´s going on a state temple run. How many temples are in Utah?  I think it´s 14, or some number around there... that´s the number I tell everyone here who asks, so I hope it´s right.
       About coming to get me here in Brazil, it appears that I don´t have my visa nor my missionary book (is it the one I received with my calling that has all the info I needed to prepare?) but I think the mission office has it. So I will be asking for that info right about now, and if not this week, wait one more and you´ll have your answer.
Did you get any packages this past week?  Valentines packages, your soccer jersey?  If you did get any, who from? nope, turns out Pres. Scisci didn´t come for the stake conference, so nothing yet.
Do you ever wear your sunglasses?  Are you stilled banned from wearing them? nope, I think so.

If you can't wear sunglasses, does the sun bother your eyes? nope.

How are your glasses holding up?  It seems like, in all your pictures anyway, you are still wearing your old ones. They´re fine. I did some deep cleaning on them a few weeks ago. Egua! I don´t think I need to say more...

Do you think your glasses prescription has changed? I don´t think so.

Pics! I´m not able to send them right now, there´s a problem with the computador. Sorry, wait until next week.

That´s all for this week. I love you all. Have a great week. Stay safe and healthy. I´ll be sure to start looking for stuff to buy and send home. Hugs and Ki.... no, no kisses.... Tchau!

Love, Elder R. Williams

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