Sunday, March 31, 2013

Week Sixty Seven - Returning to Belem!

Hello Everyone!
      The transfer is over already, again, but this one doesn´t bring any big changes, to me at least. I´ll be staying in the area Santarém, with my same companion, which is the first time that I´ll be staying with a companion a second transfer since my second companion in the field, which was about 9 months ago. My week was okay. We found some pretty good new investigators this week, but unfortunately, only one went to church yesterday. The one that went, her name is Simara, she´s about 30 years old. We found her while trying to look for some less active members, using a list of all the members of the ward, and there´s a lot of less actives here. Simara is the neice of this less active member, but the member doesn´t live at the address indicated on the list, just Simara and her parents live there. Simara said she was visited by sister missionaries about 7 years ago and received some of the lessons, but her father expelled them from the house one day (while he was drunk) and she didn´t continue with the lessons. But we taught her about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and what the gospel of Jesus Christ is, this past week, and she committed her self to being baptized, if she receives an answer from God that Joseph Smith was a prophet. She hadn´t received an answer yet, but she said she dreamed that her aunt (the less active member) was waiting for her at church. So, she walked to church yesterday, without us having to get her, when we pretty much always have to get our investigators by car, and said she was received very well, and liked the church a lot. Her baptismal date is the 6th of April, and before going to church, she expressed to us that she didn´t think she would be ready by this date, but at church, during the sacrament meeting, she told a sister missionary that was sitting at her side, that she knows she´ll be ready by the 6th. So I have strong feelings that she will be baptized. (Wow! what a paragraph!) Anyways....
         Yesterday, at church, I also gave a talk, which I think is my 4th time in the mission field. It´s definitely getting easier every time give a talk, and a lot less stressful. I received a few compliments on my Portuguese speaking, which is cool. I pretty much just talked about the need of participation of all members in the missionary work, and what many of the prophets have said about it. But today, I will be returning to Belém, getting one more plane ride, to update my protocol or whatever it´s called, so I can stay in Brazil. So I guess I get a few more days of rest this week. But that´s about all for now.
Are the three missionaries you live with all from Brazil? Yes, at the moment I think all 3 are from São Paulo, but one is leaving to another area, and the other that will arrive is also from São Paulo. The newbie will be Elder Neres, the one that worked with me for a few days in my last area as we had the companionship exchange with the assistant of the mission. But we´re going to be looking for a new house early this next transfer, so that we can actually live in our area, so I don´t think we´ll be staying where we´re at now much longer.

Do you see any big bugs where you are at, now? Sometimes. In one of my previous areas, Vila dos Cabanos, I saw a butterfly with almost a foot wide wing span, nossa! But here I´ve seen a few bugs that are a few inches long, 3 or 5 or so. bit I think they were all dead.

Have you bought any new shoes, yet? Yes.... but they are not very comfortable, so I´m not using them...... but don´t worry.... I think the ones I have will last until there is very little time left on my mission, and when my shoes go the way of all the earth, I should almost be home, já..... eu espero.....

I noticed your hair was super short in some of the last pictures you sent.  Who cuts your hair, now? I just cut it at a salon close to our house.

Any packages or letters this past week?  If so, who from? Nope, but going to
Belém today, I should get them this week.

Where do you go to e-mail home, usually or is it different each week? There´s a cyber café close to our house that we usually go to, if its not full and all the computers are working.

And the big question.... did you find out anything about your release date and the date on your passport and do you think you want us to come pick you up? I haven´t found out anything yet. I sent an e-mail to the mish pres last week, but he hasn´t responded yet. I think at the moment, the answer is, even though I don´t want to say it, no. I think I´m just going to return home with the Elders that arrived with me. I still haven´t made a decision set in stone, and being that I´m going to Belém today, I can probably get the info about the visa and the day I return home, but I´ll be thinking about it more this week...... so indecisive, Elder R. Williams!

Pics!.... are taking too long and I have to go now... sorry again for no pics, but next week I promise you will have your pics!

But I love you all and miss you, have a great week, stay safe! Falou!

Love Elder R. Williams

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