Monday, April 1, 2013

Week Sixty Eight - Stuck in Belem!

Hello Family!

        I hope you are all well and safe. I´m okay here. I´m in Belém still. We ran into a problem here with my visa. I came to Belém to renew my visa, I guess it only has a duration of a year or so, but I thought it would only take about a day or 2, so I brought no extra clothes with me, and very few supplies. So I arrived here, went to the mission office and the secretaries tell me that I probably won´t be returning to my area until the next Tuesday (tomorrow) because the police station or the guys there or whatever.... are only dealing with visas on Mondays and Tuesdays. Nossa! what luck I have. So we went there on Wednesday, I think, to try and set an appointment, but we learned that Monday (today) and Tuesday (tomorrow) are completely booked, so I will have to wait until the next Monday or Tuesday to renew my visa, staying here one more week, with pretty much nothing. So that kind of sucks.... a lot... My companion has been working alone this whole past week, relying entirely on the members, and if there are no members that can help him, he as to work with other missionaries in there area. But I´m almost certain that we´ll still have a baptism this next Saturday.... but I won´t be there to see it..
      On Tuesday I watched a bunch of missionaries go home because their 2 years was up. My second companion in the field, Elder Inácio, was one of them. The time sure does pass fast. The other Elder Williams was one of them, too, so I will now be Elder Williams instead of R. Williams. I went to the airport to await the arrival of another Elder´s mom, who came to visit Belém, and while we waited, we ate a subway sandwich. Nossa! It was so delicious. I really had no idea what I was missing during my first 19 years of life..... And the rest of the week I just worked a little with the Elders that live in the mission home, in their area, which is a little boring. I learned that a family (a husband and wife that have 3 daughters but they are too young to be baptized) that I taught a little before leaving from my previous area, Paracurí, was baptized in this past transfer, so I´m happy to hear that. But that´s about it for this week.
Did you find anything out abut your Visa's expiration date?  Release date? I learned that the expiration date is Dec. 14th, or so I was told, I don´t know for sure about that... but I think it´s right. My release date in November 26th, so there´s time to make a visit.

Did you get any packages in Belem?  If so, what and from who?  Did you finally get your soccer jersey I sent? Yes I received my packages, one from G&G Pratt, muito obrigado! and the valentine´s package you sent, and the jersey. Muito Obrigado! But I don´t think I want any more packages with treats in them. I think I´ve had enough. But who knows, maybe I won´t be saying that 2 months from here.

Did you do anything special for Easter? Nope! Nada!

Aunt Nancy wanted me to ask if you ever got the puzzle they sent you for Christmas or the journal and letter that Drew sent?  She said that Drew usually doesn't do things like that so it sounds like it was pretty special that he would write you and send you something.  If you can write them to thank them, that would really be nice.  Let me know if you need their address. Yes I did receive them (Nossa! I´m slow), and yes send me their address. I´ll be sure to write thank you note.

Where did you stay when you went back to Belem?  Hopefully, it was someplace nice! The mission home is pretty nice, compared to the other houses of the mission, but it´s not like a hotel or anything....

What's the story about the pop can you sent home?  Does it really say Jesus on the can and is that a popular drink down there?  Funny story.... Dad put the can on the mantle over the fireplace and Friday, he noticed it was gone.  He asked me, David and Em if we did something with it and we all said no.  So he asked Grandma if she had seen it and she said yes, she threw it away!  She thought someone had just left an empty pop can laying around.  Luckily, it was still just in the indoors garbage can and she went and got it out of the garbage! Grandma! Almost threw away my souveneir(sp?), did you!? Why I oughta! (I´m joking!) There´s no story to the can. It just looks cool and has a funny name, Guaraná Jesus! and not a very good flavor. It tastes like cherry cough syrup.

Any more thoughts about us coming to pick you up? I think I changed my mind and want you to come here, but I´m still waiting for an answer from pres. Scisci. I think interviews with him are coming up. If he doesn't say anything in the e-mail, I´ll ask him in the interview.

Pics! No pics again! because I left the cable that connects the camera to the computer in Santarém, sorry! Congrats to Mike and his eternal companion! That´s all for today, have a great week. I love you all and miss you tons. Tchau Tchau!

Love Elder Williams

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