Monday, April 22, 2013

Week Seventy One - Zone Conference

Zone Conference, April 2013, Santerem, Brazil.

Tom leaving Belem after his visa renewal trip - 2:00am!

Hello Family!

       Nossa! What sad news in the states.... the bad news just keeps coming doesn´t it. But Utah is okay still, right? I´m glad I´m from the Mormon state. And congratulations to Andy for running a friggin marathon! Wow! I hope to do that some day. But my week was okay. We had a zone conference with President Scisci. We had the opportunity to hear him and Sister Scisci, and the assistants. One assistant talked a lot about our attitudes.... it´s all written down but I´m not remembering much of it right now.... but it was good to hear because I´m generally not an optimistic person, so I think I needed that. The rest of the week we just taught and walked.... but the people that we are teaching all seem to be showing a lot of interest in the church. 2 of them went to church yesterday, we would´ve had more but it rained a lot and very hard yesterday. But the 2 that went said they liked the church a lot. My companion gave a talk in sacrament meeting and one of our visitors said she saw a light behind my companion as he bore his testimony. She asked why he was shining and if he had a light behind him and I´m just like.... "I didn´t see nothing..."........ so  my companion must be a pretty miraculous person.... anyways.... I´m hungry and it´s affecting my brain, so nothing else is coming to mind. I think we´ll eat lasagna for lunch at a member´s place today and we´ll play basketball a little later with some elders of the zone.
Did you meet with your mission president this past week?  What did you find out about us coming to pick you up? Nope, we just had a zone conference and he returned to Belém right after, and he hasn´t replied to my e-mail yet either.... so I´m thinking to just forget about it and we can visit Belém next year maybe....

If we come, would we come to Belem?  That's where Joan thinks you will go back to when you are done. Yes, if you come, you´d come to Belém.

Did you buy anything for your birthday, yet?  If so, what did you buy? I bought a shirt and a necklace thingy... but I haven´t gotten a good start yet... just wait for it...

Any packages or letters this past week?  If so, who from? Yes, I got my b-day package. Muito Obrigado Mãe! Lego é bacana demais! And the snacks were delish!

The zone conference with Pres. Scisci and me on the airplane waiting to return to Santarém at 2 in the morning.

And that´s all for this week. I love you all and hope you´re all well. One week down, how many more to go? Less than 52, I know that much. Anyways, Tchau!

Love Elder R. Williams

 One more thing mom! I figured out what those things you sent me are for (holy smokes I´m slow). You know, the memory card and adapter for cellphones or something like that. So I´m using that now, and I´d like you to send me more music again... Josh Groban, Pirates, Lord of the Rings, maybe some more Disney music.... Thanks! Any questions, just ask!

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