Monday, April 15, 2013

Week Seventy - Another Baptism and Birthdays!

Tom playing some volley ball!

Baptism of Simara while Tom was in Belem.

Baptism of Rafaela, Tom, his companion and the sisters in the ward. 

Hello Family!

       First things first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! (5 days from now) Nossa! Here comes the Birthday streak. Oh and what´s this?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA AND GRANDMA PRATT! (if it´s before the next p-day) And I think after that it´s me, right! EGUA! the second birthday in the mission is already chegando! Anyways, my week was good. The Lord blessed me with another baptism, since I wasn´t hear to see the other one. Rafaela was baptized Saturday night and confirmed the next day. Anyways.... I´m late, so I´ll just say congrats to Landon Lambert! Have fun in Arizona! If you get a companion from another country, try to learn his language... anyways.... yeah.
Pic 1. some peeps and I after a game of volley ball. It was fun....... The next is the baptism of Simara, the woman that was baptized while I was away, her son, my companion and his companion. Pic 3. is Rafaela´s baptism, me, my companion, the sisters of the ward, Sister de Lima and Sister Viera dos Santos, and my companions companion again.

Everyone wants to know what kind of Subway sandwich you had at the airport!  And.... if you think Subway is good, just wait till we take you to Blimpie when you get home! I think it was pepperoni with the normal salad stuff and mustard... mmmmm mustard is better than I thought too!

Grandma Marta gave me $100 to put into your account for your birthday.  I want to pay for whatever you want to buy and send home from Brazil - so.... have you done any shopping lately?  You need to get busy, buddy! Okay! I´ll try to buy some stuff today! Thanks Grandma!

You need to let me know, when you talk to your mission president this week, if he is ok with us coming down there to pick you up.  I can start working on visas, but eventually we need to know where you are going to be when you finish in November so we can arrange for a hotel.  So, try to make sure it's OK with your president.  I hear some mission presidents discourage it. I think I´ll talk to him this week... I think.... maybe Wednesday.

Is there anything you need me to send?  I promise, no more snacks!  If you need sunscreen, deodorant, toothpaste... anything you can't get down there, just let me know. I think I´m good for now. I don´t live in the middle of the jungle where almost nothing arrives here..... more or less...

How did the Visa renewal go?  Did you go to the police station there?  Was it scary at all? No, it wasn´t scary. it was normal. They just scanned my thumbs, took a picture, measured my height. I think I´m 6 ft now..... I think... I hope.

Can you please send some pictures?!  We've had quite the dry spell lately... but totally understand!  Just do what you can, but we love getting pictures of you! The pics are there, you´re welcome!

Okay gotta go. I love you all have a great week. Happy birthday denovo to everyone who had or will have a birthday this week, especially Papa. 
Love Elder R. Williams

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