Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week Sixty Eight - Exchanges with Elder Crockett and Elder Sheffer - Just Like Old Times!

Elder Alkonis, David, Elder Sheffer and the other Spanish AP!
Howdy Y'all!

You are in Oregon right now and I am so jealous!  But y'all have probably been jealous of me for the last year that I've been in Texas, so I guess that's fair.  Elder Alkonis and I had a decent week.  Our main priority of the week was helping a nine year old boy get ready for baptism, which was quite difficult because he has some major ADD, but he had his baptismal interview yesterday and will be getting baptized on Saturday!  So that's exciting.  I had to go on a couple of exchanges this week, and the funny thing is that they were with my very first two companions in the mission field - Elder Sheffer and Elder Crockett. Haha!  It was neat and funny to be knocking doors with them again, and to catch up and see how we all have changed.  I can't remember if I already mentioned this, but Elder Sheffer is one of the Spanish assistants right now.  He is still a very interesting kid, but he has very impressive spanish and has come a long way.  I learned a lot from him!
  So on Friday I believe it was, we were riding our bikes when I got a big fat nail in my bike tire. . .  : (  So we started walking to the bike shop, all along praying that somebody would be kind enough to stop and offer a ride to these two fine young men.   Sure enough, after about 5 minutes of walking,  a kind and friendly less active member saw us and offered to take us there.  That was a lifesaver because it was the hottest part of the day and I was carrying my bike on my shoulders because the tube got caught in the spokes or something and the bike tire wouldn't even roll!  I love seeing tender mercies of the Lord. When we got to the bike shop, the guy that works there started talking to us about Utah and all of his experiences there.  He said when he was in his prime, he had a friend that wanted to go on a vacation. To decide where they were going, his friend closed his eyes and threw a dart at a map of the U.S., and sure enough, it landed on SLC!  As they were driving there from Texas, they stopped in a little town called Moab for the night.  As it turns out, they fell in love with Moab so much that they never even made it to SLC!  He ended up buying a home there, lived there for years, as well is in Draper, until he got hit by a drunk driver in Temple Square, of all places, and had to move back to Dallas so his family could take care of him.  But we ended up talking for a while as he worked on my bike.  When he rung me up, I was expecting to pay like 20 - 25 bucks for a new tire, tube, and whatever else, but the guy gave me a monster discount and only charged me $7!  Yet another tender mercy of the Lord.
   So other than that, we just had a typical week with some really good lessons.  I can't think of anything else worthwhile to to y'all.

-I didn't receive anything in the mail this past week.  I'm worried too!  Can you check the tracking number on the packages?

Have fun on vacation and send me some pictures please!
    --the exchange with the aps

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