Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week Five - Basketball, Beans and Hot Dogs...


    I´m so glad to finally e-mail again. Everyone loves p-day, and so do I, best day of the week. I did receive letters last week from the family, grandma and grandpa Williams, and sister peterson (be sure to thank her for that), and it was so nice to hear from you, what everyone said definitely lifted my spirits up, and Em´s letter made me laugh out loud a little bit :). This past week was much better because I finally got your letters and I finally taught a lesson to one of my instructor in Portuguese, although I still couldn´t understand what he said, but I spoke to him in Portuguese! and that's all that matters.
    I found out something cool about my evening instructor too. Sister Jardim was taught by a missionary from the Lunquist familly, who I think are or were in our stake, but he wasn´t baptized by him because her parents wouldn´t let her get baptized until she was 18. She showed us her photo album of her mission and one of the pictures in there was of the Lunquist family, and I noticed the younger brother, Jason, who I went to highschool with, and the father, who I think... reffed our church ball games. Just something interesting I thought I would share with y´all.
    Congratulations Emmy! for the internship. I am very excited and happy for you! I took some photos of some stuffs outside the temple today, and myself for mommy, that you could paint (you don´t have to paint me, unless you want to :)). I will try to get the people at Mr. Cheny´s to e-mail them to you today, because I´m quite sure they do that kind of stuff for missionaries. If you like them but need a better angle or something, let me know and I will try again next week.
    And that's awesome David that you are doing baptisms for the dead so much. It´s a great commitment to keep, so start going once a month or so when you are done with the initial 6 weeks and once a week is too difficult to do because you are such a busy guy! :) Here at the MTC we get to go to the temple every Tuesday and it is definitely a blessing to be able to do what we do in the temple for those who are unable to do so. And keep up on baseball, don´t quit like the other kid. I understand it is difficult but you can do it, you are a strong person! I remember the day I arrived to the MTC, the first thing we did was go to lunch. I looked at the food (food is a challenge to me as you know.....) and just thought "there´s no way I´m going to survive," but things got better and as I prayed, the challenges became easier. Now trying new food isn´t a big deal anymore, and I definitely have a different mindset now than I did when I arrived.
    Okay, Q&A time!
#1 yes we get to play sports. We can play basketball or volleyball, some days I do both but I mostly choose basquete (basketball, pronounced bas ketch, just thought I would share that with you), on Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Saturday. It is usually fun playing games, and I have received a few compliments for my mad skills, but when people start trying to do trick shots or dunk the ball it gets annoying, but that doesn´t happen often.
#2 yes I am eating new things. I can eat chicken in almost all forms now. I tried a taco a couple weeks ago and it was pretty good. I have had two full hot dogs, but I still hate them. I am eating rice every time it is served, which is almost always lunch and dinner, but I decided I don´t like beans and will never eat beans again... Sometimes the beef is okay but it is usually served with gravy or something on it so I avoid it, and the pork is okay too. I tried some meat balls, which were okay, and some pasta, which was more okay, and that is all I can think of for now, which is okay.... :).
#3 yes I am nervous. I heard someone today say that since next week is their last, they will go out proselyting instead of relaxing and getting ready for the next day, on their p-day and I just kinda shivered at the thought, hah! But I am sure I will be at least partly ready by that time, since I still have about 4 and a half weeks in the MTC.
#4 warts look fantastic, in the sense that they are pretty much gone because warts don´t ever look fantastic. The zyclara stuff, from the dermatologist, worked extremely well, but I am almost out. Any new ones that popped up were gone in a couple days. I will ask the MTC doctor if he can get me some, and if he can´t I will tell you if I need some next week. And I also received the liquid wart remover so thank you for that!
    Well that´s all folks! I love you all and miss you a lot, and can´t wait to hear from you again next p-day. Be safe this week and I will write again next week. And a few pictures should come today, through Mr. Cheny´s and if they don´t just wait a little while longer. I will get pictures home! I PROMISE!!! Love y´all. Tchau!

Elder Williams

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