Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Week Three - Happy New Year!

Here is Tom's third e-mail home.  The same day we received this, we also received an e-mail from Mr. Cheney's saying Tom had picked up his package and they sent us pictures of him and his companion, Elder Fox!  This really, really made my day to see my sweet, smiling son!  And to know he finally got something we sent.  Sounds like he has plenty to eat, though and doesn't want me to send any more.  I e-mailed him back and told him to share with everyone!  It is just like Joan told me... your whole week revolves around hearing from your son and I start counting down the days to the next e-mail as soon as we get one!  I think the oregano he is talking about might be oregano oil... I read on-line that it is used for a lot of medicinal purposes, but should always be very diluted with olive oil or another oil because of it's potency and it can be very hot. Sounds like they had some fun with it, anyway.... boys!  

Feliz Ano Novo, Everybody!
Thanks for the snacks mom! but I don’t think you need to send any more because the food here is just fine and there is plenty of it, and I don’t know what I will do with it all, especially the big box of cereal, since I have just over a month left in the MTC and my suitcase can’t weigh more than 44 lbs when I fly to Belem. I am going to try to eat it all before I leave but I might just share it with my roommates. About the roommate, Elder Taylor, with the small tree, it was only about a foot tall and because he is going to Curitiba, and not Belem he doesn’t have anywhere near as strict a weight limit on his bags and he was also able to bring three suitcases with him, so he is nowhere near as restricted as those of us going to Belem which is 7 out of 11 of us in the district.
But this week has been pretty crazy. My district decided that everyone needed to try a drop of oregano, so I did and holy smokes that was painful, and I only had one drop! I was choking and even had a couple tears drop, it was that bad. A couple weeks ago my companion tried 4 drops, and the other day an elder in my district decided he wanted to beat his record, so he tried 5 and was actually crying and said that he couldn’t breathe because it hurt too much. Well my companion would not stand for that so he took 6 drops of oregano so he could keep the record and he ended up puking... luckily he made it to the bathroom in time though.
So I have been using my camera a little and have taken a few pictures, but I will try to get more by next week and send them to you. Missionaries are not supposed to take cameras with them outside of the MTC but I might be able to sneak a pic of me in front of the temple next week. We do have a view outside our window but we can only see the opposite side of the MTC, but the window out the hallway has a nice view of the city, which I did take some pictures of and I will send next week. New Years Eve was awesome because you could see fireworks all over the city and by the time they were done you could only see like a mile out of the window because there was so much smoke, but I did not get any good pictures of the fireworks. I tried taking a video for like 15 seconds but you can’t really see any fireworks in it. We sleep on the top floor of the building so we have a nice view, but they don’t let us use elevators so we have to walk up 7 stories of stairs multiple times a day, which is okay because it is nice preparation for the walking we will be doing in Belem. But I will definitely have pictures for you soon. Though, we can’t send them through email so it may take a few weeks for them to get to you.
About laundry, there is washing and drying machines here which weren’t too hard to figure out but one of my instructors, Irm(brother) Mauro, is from Belem and said that washing and drying machines aren’t common so I am probably going to have to figure out how to hand wash my clothes and how to iron them at some point here at the MTC. Hopefully there will be someone nice enough there to do it for me *crosses fingers*.
Well that is all I can think of for now. I can’t wait to receive your letters and to e-mail you again next week. I love you and miss you all very much and I will keep you updated as much as I can. Also, let me know how the jazz do this season... just tell me if they win or lose their games every week, the games should start soon, right?... Okay, Tchau!!
Love Elder Williams

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