Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Week Two - Christmas in the MTC

Here's our second e-mail from Tom.  I have to admit I was a little depressed after reading this one.... he still hasn't gotten the package I sent (I am starting to lose hope that he will ever get it) and one of the missionaries took pity on him and gave him a gift to open and it was Chap-Stick - how sad!  I really screwed up and realized I should have just sent all that stuff with him and he would have had it on Christmas - oh well, live and learn.  Of course, we didn't learn he could have more than 50 lbs in his suitcase until we got to the airport, so taking extra stuff didn't seem like an option at the time.  Well, at least he got to have popcorn and watch a movie on Christmas Eve.  And his companion even brought a mini Christmas tree with him - how funny is that?! 

Olá, minha família!
I am glad to hear you liked the gift I left you. It was Em´s idea, she´s such a genius! :) Christmas here was pretty good but I still wish I could´ve been home for Christmas with you. On Christmas Eve we watched A Very Muppets Christmas, I think thats what its called, but because it was in portuguese I couldn´t understand what was going on so I just enjoyed the popcorn beause its probably one of the last times I will get to have popcorn and watch a movie. On Christmas Day, all the elders in my district came to my room to open the presents they brought with them or got in the mail because my roomate brought a mini-christmas tree, which was nice because it sort of made it feel like Christmas. One elder was nice enough to give me a small present since I didn´t have any, but it was only chapstick. Oh well, better than nothing. Other than that and some movies, not much felt like Christmas, especially the lack of snow. For sacrament meeting here, everyone is told to prepare a talk and you won´t know if you are speaking until the meeting starts. I didn´t have to speak luckily but the missionaries that did did a good job.
We also watched A Christmas Carol, the really old one that was made in the 50´s, which was pretty good and a little funny, just because the acting wasn´t very good, and we watched the First Presidency Christmas special, which I enjoyed a lot.  I haven´t received any mail yet but I hope to receive your letters and the gift soon. In the letter I sent home last week is the mailing address you are suppose to send things to. Hopefully you get it soon. But anyways, we only have a half hour for emails and my time is up so I can´t say much more. I love you and miss you all so much and can´t wait to write home again! Até Logo!!
Love Elder Williams

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