Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Choir Concert

Monday, December 19th, was David's Christmas Choir concert at Cottonwood High School.  David sings in the men's choir and this is his second year.  The men's choir has about doubled from what it was last year and about half of them are baseball players!  The concert started out with the beginner choir, then the women's choir and then the men's choir.  The boys are always an audience favorite and this year they definitely brought it!  The best number was one they sang while sitting in chairs and doing an elaborate, choreographed thing - hard to describe, but it was awesome and very fun!  Then, the Madrigals sang and they were amazing.  The Concert Choir sang a really pretty Brazilian Christmas song and our neighbor, Nick Foster, played the bass guitar - it was really beautiful.  My dad came with us and we missed my mom not being there.  It was a great concert and really helped get us in the Christmas spirit.  It was a really good night!

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