Monday, December 12, 2011

Tom's Farewell

Wow... what a day!  I have to admit, it wasn't a day I was looking forward to.  I knew it would be emotional and I was seriously worried about how Dave and I would hold up!  All I can say is we were blown away by our boys!  David had to speak, also, and the topic was service and sacrifice.  Tom worked on his talk most of the week and David started his on Saturday and finished it Sunday, right before church.  Tom was nervous before his talk, but you never would have known by how he handled himself.  He seemed very calm and also very experienced and his talk was wonderful! It really made me realize he is a mature, capable young man and he will do fine on his own! Two of his cousins remarked to Dave that it was probably one of the best farewells they had ever been to.  The three youth speakers - McKenna Jones, David and then Tom, were all excellent!  We held up pretty well in church and I only cried a few times!  It was wonderful to see Justin and Taylor's parents and also our wonderful friends Jeri Wiscomb and the Bracken's!  We are so blessed by the support of the most amazing extended family and friends!  Our wonderful friends the Watkins gave the opening and closing prayers and our neighbor, Travis Ackerman, played a beautiful piano number.  Tom is truly loved by a great community of people that I am so deeply grateful to. 

After church, we had family and close friends to our house.  It was packed!  Cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, friends and neighbors all packed in our tiny house to tell Tom goodbye for two years.  I really missed my sister and her family, but they were there in spirit! Everyone has been so generous with their love and support, it is truly overwhelming.  People keep telling me how blessed we will be with having a missionary out in the field.  I felt this yesterday and he hasn't even left, yet!  The blessings come in the immense love and support from the people who know your son. It ended up being a wonderful day and I can't thank everyone enough who came and supported Tom - you know who you are and you are simply the best!! Thank you!


  1. So glad everything went well. I hope our crazy gift and card got there in time. I had no idea what to send so hopefully he can use the money for something he still needs to get or just some traveling money. I will try to call tomorrow night and see how you are doing. Tell Tom how much we love him and give him lots of extra hugs from us.

  2. Thanks Lisa! We did get your card and gift - thanks so much and a thank you card will be in the mail by tomorrow! It was a good day and we really missed you guys! Thanks for thinking of us!