Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Proof That Tom is in Sao Paulo!

We received an e-mail this morning and this picture from the Sao Paulo MTC. It's proof that Tom made it! I was so excited to see this picture of him. He and all the others look no worse for the wear after that grueling long flight down to Sao Paulo. Tom's companion, at least on the way down, is Elder Shaw and he on the far right on the second row. I am not sure if he will still be his companion in the MTC, we'll have to see what Tom says. The e-mail says he can write home on his first P-day, which will be either a Tuesday or Wednesday. Since they just got there today, it may be a week before we hear from him, which is not good. Hopefully, it will give him time to settle in a little. The e-mail says they are assigned to a district with capable language instructors. They will also be getting a second greeting from their branch presidents and their wives. They say the cafeteria has abundant food that is very good - hope Tom can find things he likes!
Today has been a little tough on Dave and I and this e-mail really helps. It is going to be a while before we get used to this, but we are really looking forward to hearing from him.
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  1. He looks great! I am so glad you got the picture and email. Anything and everything about your son helps. Keep on posting and letting us know. You have already made it a day :)

  2. So glad to hear he made it!!! Keep positive thoughts. It looks like a beautiful place.