Monday, November 12, 2012

Week Forty Eight - Fourth Zone Conference

Tom, his companion and Cleide at her baptism.

"The church of the Brothers: The Bible, All of the Bible, nothing but the Bible."

It sounds to me like Tom learned a valuable life lesson this past week about people.  Sometimes, the kindness you receive from strangers has nothing to do with their religion or lack of, for that matter. It's their humanity that guides how they treat people in some cases.  I hope it's a lesson that stays with him forever.  So proud of this amazing kid!
Hello Fam Fam!
     Egua! those pictures of snow make me sooooooo jealous. But I must continue.... in the place closest to the inferno... So my week was pretty interesting. Tuesday we had a zone conference, and wow those 3 months from the last one passed fast. There´s only 4 zone conferences in the year. My first was the day after I arrived in the mission field, and this past one was the last of the year! EEESH it passes fast! At the zone conference I saw Elder Hoch and Elder Kaufman. Elder Hoch looks 5 years older already, and Elder Kaufman is about the same... but he says I´m getting taller which is cool.
     We had some pretty interesting experiences this week. We tried talking to one woman, who was taught by my companion and another missionary some days before, and she told us that we were deceived, the Joseph Smith is a liar, that the Book of Mormon comes from the Devil, and that my companion and I are going to perish in the last day.... O_O. Egua! Eu não acho que tive senimentos tão ruins na minha missão até escutar aquela mulher! (I don´t know why I had to say that in portuguese, it just kind of makes more sense to me right now. you can Google translate that though -"I do not think I've had such bad feelings in my mission to listen to that woman!" ) I heard, but I don´t know for a fact, that she burned the Book of Mormon we gave her.... Eeeesh, that´s going to be held against her in the last day.
    Yesterday, my companion and I were walking and walking and walking, we had a few appointments fall, and a man at the front of his house stops us, asks if we wanted some water, lets us in and we end up talking to him and a few others that were there for almost 2 hours I think. It was funny, because all of them were drinking and smoking, and the oldest woman there was screaming while watching a soccer game the whole time. Every time someone scored (3 times because it´s just soccer) she yells GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLL!! while everyone else was interested in learning about "Os Mórmons." Just a funny experience.... kindness shown from people that aren´t really religious and rudeness from the people that claim to follow Christ. (I´m not saying that all are like that, just in these cases this past week)
     Anyways, we had another baptism. A woman of about 34 years of age, Cleide. She actually brought some amigas dela that we are going to try to start teaching, which is cool. I talked in sacrament meeting for only the third time in my mission, the other day. I think I´m getting better. I was not as anxious or nervous this time. So that was my week! Did you like it? I did.
       Pics: The first is our baptism this week. The next one is a pic of a church. "The church of the Brothers: The Bible, All of the Bible, nothing but the Bible." Funny. The next is the zone conference and after that is a pic of the river at about 6 or 6:30 in the morning.
What do you like to eat at the barbeque places?  Are they kind of like Cafe Rio with barbeque pork, chicken and beef?

Did you hear anything about our presidential elections in Brazil?  Does anyone talk about our president? I just heard that Obama won... but that doesn´t matter because I´m in Brazil"

How many missionaries are living in your apartment...please send some pictures! Just 2 duplas, me and my companion and one other companionship. But I already chose the pics for this week, sorry.

Did you do anything to celebrate your companion's one year mark?  Don't missionaries burn something, like a tie or a shirt? Just the 10 baptisms in one day.

Any packages or letters this past week?  If so, from who, so I can let them know.  I hope you get my first Christmas package pretty soon..... nope but that´s okay thanks anyways!
okay I gots ta go! Tchau! I love you all!

Love Elder R. Williams

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