Monday, November 26, 2012

Week Fifty - Transfer to Paracuri!

Tom driving a boat with 100's of cars on it!  Love this pic!
Good Morning Loved Ones!
     Glad to hear everyone is good, that Thanksgiving was good, that you all had a good week. EEEESH! Eu vou ter muito saudade neste proximo mês! This past week was good. We had a wedding here in the area. The first couple I taught that got married, so that´s pretty cool, and after the wedding, the wife and her daughter were baptized, and in the next week, the husband and son should get baptized, I hope, but unfortunately I won´t be here to see it. I received the news yesterday morning that I will be transferred, which I´m not too excited about. I didn´t realize how good I had it here, and now I´m leaving. :/ My next area is called Paracurí, which is back in Belém. I didn´t really want to return back to Belém, and I´ve already served in Paracurí once. We had a companion exchange one time a few months ago. I went to Paracurí while one of the missionaries of the dupla there went to my area. The area was okay, but it didn´t seem very lively... but I don´t know how to explain it better than that... Anyways, I have to continue on. Egua I don´t feel like saying much more! Christmas has come, I´m being transferred!, I have to leave everything behind, again! Being a missionary is difficult...
Any packages this past week?  I am really hoping you get the first one I sent in the next week - you'll see why! I received cookies from Mr. Cheyneys, but it ain´t my cinnamon roll! I want a cinnamon roll now!, but thanks for the cookies, whoever sent them. Also, a package arrived at the mission office for me, but the post office is holding it until I pay 320 reais, I think (160 bucks more or less) or they send it back. I´ll go ahead and pay it, don´t worry when a lot of cash is taken out of my account this week, but you have to send smaller packages I think. I´ll get more deets today, because I´m going to the mission office. Anyways...

How are your shoes holding up?  If you need new ones, can you buy them down there?  Do they have the kind of shoes you need?  Let me know.... My shoes are fine, they should last a few more months, and there are shoes that I can buy here, so don´t worry about shoes.

If you are getting taller, are your pants long enough?  I hate the thought of your pants being too short! My pants seem to be fine still, thanks for worrying.

Where do you go to get haircuts?  Your hair always looks good in your pictures! There´s a bunch of barbershops here, but I haven´t got my hair cut since I arrived in this area. In my previous area, a member always cut it for free, lucky me... but don´t worry... thanks for worrying....

Do you need me to send you a jump/pen drive? that would be cool, I accept!
Just one pic this week, I´m out of time. It´s me, driving a boat, but not just any boat. The kind of boat that carries 100s of cars. (I hope I didn´t already send this pic)
Anyways, I love you all, Have a good safe week, and enjoy 1 last Christmas without me, and the next one I´ll be home! YEAH YEAH!
Love Elder Williams

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